Global News

2 February 2018

Suzuki Discloses “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2017”

Suzuki Motor Corporation has disclosed “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2017” on the Global Suzuki website.

Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2017

In order to meet the requests by stakeholders concerning disclosing of various information on ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), our initiatives and data such as on environment, human rights, and labour have been fulfilled.

(Overview of Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2017)

  • - Newly established “Suzuki Environmental Plan 2020” that presents the direction and actions of Suzuki’s business operations in relation to environment by FY2020.
  • - Suzuki’s efforts on CSR and environmental conservation activities, as well as efforts by Japanese domestic distributors and overseas group companies including Maruti Suzki India are introduced.
  • - Various company data including employee data, production and sales data, and key financial data are posted based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international reporting guideline.

Global Suzuki website “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2017”