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26 January 2017

Suzuki Discloses the “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2016”

Suzuki Motor Corporation has disclosed the “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2016", which details the Company’s efforts on CSR and environment, on the Global Suzuki website as per below URL.

The name of the report has been changed from the former “Suzuki Environmental & Social Report” to “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report”, aiming to have many people to be informed of Suzuki’s CSR initiatives.

Overview of the “Suzuki CSR & Environmental Report 2016”

  • - Suzuki’s efforts on CSR and environmental conservation activities, as well as efforts by Japanese domestic distributors and overseas group companies are introduced.
  • - Newly-established “Suzuki Group Code of Conduct” is posted.
  • - FY2015 results of Suzuki’s environmental conservation initiatives “Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015” are provided.
  • - Suzuki’s greenhouse gas emission amount (SCOPE 1, 2, and 3) throughout the whole value chain, such as purchase of parts and raw materials, and use and disposal of customers’ products for FY2015 are provided.
  • - CO2 emission amount, total waste discharge amount, landfill amount, and water usage amount of main overseas plants for FY2015 are provided.

<About the “Special Article” pages>

Article 1: Operation of the Suzuki Makinohara Solar Power Plant

Introduces Suzuki’s solar power plant business. The total capacity of the facilities for the Suzuki Group’s solar power plant would be approximately 25MW, and its CO2 emission reduction effect is expected to be 10.6% of the total CO2 emission amount by Suzuki’s domestic plants in FY2015.

Article 2: Suzuki Sagara Plant Receives the FY2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize <Energy Conservation Case Example Category>

Introduces the overview of introduction of infra-red die heater at the foundry plant of the Sagara Plant, which won the prize for conserving energy and labor.