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9 September 2016

Suzuki Kosai Plant Achieves Accumulated
Automobile Production of 20 Million Units

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Kosai Plant, located in Kosai, Shizuoka, has today achieved accumulated automobile (complete built-up) production of 20 million units. Suzuki celebrated this milestone with Toshihiro Suzuki, President, Suzuki Motor Corporation, attending the commemoration ceremony.

Kosai Plant becomes the first automobile plant in Suzuki’s global production sites to reach 20 million units, in 45 years and 11 months since the start of production. The 20 millionth model was the SPACIA minicar.

Kosai Plant started out as a production site for minivehicles in October 1970. In August 1983, a second plant started operation for compact cars, taking exports of those units into concern as well.

Currently, the Kosai Plant serves as Suzuki’s main production site for minivehicles including models such as the ALTO, WAGON R, and HUSTLER.

In FY2015, the plant produced 450,000 units, which is more than half of Suzuki’s domestic production volume of 860,000 units.

In line with Suzuki’s manufacturing fundamental of “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater”, it has always put efforts into pursuing production efficiency. Also, upon expanding production sites in overseas, it has served as a mother plant that shows a role model of manufacturing system and production management.

<History of Kosai Plant>

Oct. 1970 Kosai Plant (current Plant No.1) was completed
First production model was the FRONTE 71 minicar
May 1979 Started production of ALTO minicar
Dec. 1979 Achieved accumulated production of one million units
(nine years and two months)
Aug. 1983 Plant No.2 was completed
Started production of compact car CULTUS
Aug. 2000 Achieved accumulated production of 10 million units
(29 years and 10 months)
Mar. 2008 Achieved accumulated production of 15 million units
(37 years and 5 months)
Dec. 2013 Started production of HUSTLER minicar
Sep. 2016 Achieved accumulated production of 20 million units
(45 years and 11 months)

<Current production models of Kosai Plant>