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8 june 2016

Additional Report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism on “Instruction for investigation on inappropriate issue related to exhaust emission and fuel consumption tests”

Further to the report submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (“MLIT”) on 31st May, Suzuki Motor Corporation submitted an additional report on the details of responsibility clarifications and preventive measures today. We deeply apologise for the improper conduct in application of driving resistance, different from regulations by MLIT, and will promptly work on measures to prevent recurrence of such an incident in the future.

We express once again our deep apologies to our customers, clients and all stakeholders for any inconveniences and concerns caused.

Meanwhile, we confirm that the issue does not apply to our products sold outside Japan.

(1) Change of Representative Directors To clarify the responsibilities of the management, following changes will be made:-

  • Osamu Suzuki, Representative Director and Chairman CEO (Chief Executive Officer):      Decline CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Osamu Honda, Representative Director and Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer: Retire Scheduled date of the change: 29 June, 2016 (subject to approval at the 150th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders)

(2) Reduction of Executive Compensation

The following reduction will be applied to directors and managing officers, according to the degree of their management responsibility:-

Bonus for financial year 2015
Representative Directors and Directors:Fully waived
Senior Managing Officers and Managing Officers:Reduction of 50%
Monthly compensation after July 2016
Representative Directors and Directors :Fully waived
Representative Director and Chairman:Reduction of 40% for 6 months
Representative Director and President:Reduction of 30% for 6 months
Representative Director and Vice Chairman:Reduction of 25% for 6 months
Directors and Managing Officers in Charge:Reduction of 20% for 6 months
Outside Company Directors:Reduction of 10% for 3 months
Auditors, except newly assigned auditors:Reduction of 10% for 3 months
(Voluntary return)
Senior Managing Officers and
Managing Officers
:Reduction of 10% for 3 months

(3) Disciplinary measures to the concerned personnel

Disciplinary measures will be taken against the concerned personnel of management level, during April 2010 to date, in Vehicle Lines and Automobile Engine Design Department II of Automobile Engineering, and in Vehicle Regulations and Certification Department of Vehicle Regulations / Engineering Administration according to the internal employment regulations of the company.

・Measures to prevent recurrence We will implement and adhere to the following preventive measures.

  1. (1) Intensify the education and training to engineers
  2. (2) Clarify those responsible in deciding the application figure of driving resistance.
  3. (3) Strengthen the internal checking systems for the application figure of driving resistance
  4. (4) Consolidation of testing facilities and improvement in measuring technology for coasting test method
  5. (5) Resolve the closed environment of Automobile Engineering
  6. (6) Reinforce the auditing system for engineering operations
  7. (7) Promote utilization of the whistle-blowing system

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