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9 March 2016

Suzuki Launches the BALENO in Japan

*All the features mentioned in the following press release are of Japanese specification BALENO.

Suzuki Motor Corporation has launched the all-new hatchback BALENO in Japan on 9 March, 2016. The BALENO offers two variants: 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine (XT) and 1.2 DUALJET naturally-aspirated engine (XG). The 1.0 BOOSTERJET variant will be launched on 13 May.

The BALENO is a model developed with Suzuki’s expertise in building compact cars in pursuit of the ideal compact hatchback. The model embodies a harmonious and high-level combination of the elements expected in a compact car - including design, comfort, and driving and safety performances.
Roomy interior and ample luggage space are packaged in a flowing and elegant styling. Installed on the high-rigidity and lightweight new-generation platform are two types of powertrains: 1.0 BOOSTERJET engine that combines high output and fuel efficiency matched with six-speed automatic transmission (6AT); and 1.2 DUALJET engine matched with continuously variable transmission (CVT). Combined with suspensions that ensure agility and comfortable ride, it realises high driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency.
Furthermore, the BALENO is well equipped with functions to assist the driver. In addition to the advanced safety technologies including the collision-mitigating system, it features Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system which maintains a certain distance to the vehicle in front by automatic accelerations and decelerations, thus supporting the long cruising.

The BALENO is produced by the subsidiary in India, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., and imported to Japan by Suzuki. Sales of the BALENO have already started in India, and is planned to be distributed worldwide including Europe as a global compact car following the launch in Japan.

<Main features of the BALENO>

  1. Flowing and elegant styling
  2. Roomy interior and luggage space in a compact B-segment body
  3. High driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency thanks to the newly-developed engine and platform
  4. Advanced safety technologies and function that supports long cruising

<Features of the BALENO>

1. Flowing and elegant styling

  • - Low & wide, powerful, and elegant styling that expresses the image of freeing the condensed energy forward. The expressive surfaces and crafted detail of the lines for high-quality and elegant liveliness.
  • - Front gives advanced and high-quality image with wide front grille and distinctive vertical headlamps.
  • - HID headlamps with LED position lamps that give sharp look. (for XT and XT with optional package)
  • - Rear combination lamps (LED stop lamps) that produce advanced image.
  • - Sporty spoke-type wheel design.
    *XT and XT with optional package come with 16-inch aluminium wheels, and XG comes with 15-inch full wheel caps.
  • - A total of seven body colours including the Premium Silver Metallic 3.
    *Autumn Orange Pearl Metallic and Rain Blue Pearl Metallic are scheduled to be launched in late May.
  • - Centred on the instrument panel composed of curving lines and surfaces, the high-quality interior gives the image of elegance, liveliness, and sense of breadth.
  • - High-quality feel is enhanced by using chrome parts and piano black and silver ornaments to the tense black-painted interior.
  • - High-texture seats with excellent hold. Seat upholsteries are available in genuine leather (for XT with optional package) or fabric (for XG and XT).
  • - A multi-information display with large, high-definition 4.2-inch colour liquid crystal display. Various information such as driving status and engine power/torque output information are displayed in a visually comprehensible way. (for XT with optional package)

2. Roomy interior and luggage space in a compact B-segment body

Roomy interior and luggage space are achieved in a compact body length of less than 4m by adopting a new-generation B-segment platform and optimisation of layout.

  • - Secured a long wheelbase of 2,520mm and tandem distance of 805mm through adoption of new-generation platform to realise roomy interior space.
  • - A large 320L luggage space as well as roomy interior space are achieved in the pursuit of great utility.
    *Luggage space is measured using the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method with the luggage board placed on the upper position.
  • - A 9.5-inch golf bag can be horizontally loaded without folding the rear seats.
    *Depending on its size and shape, there could be a case where a golf bag cannot be loaded.
  • - Enables various arrangement of luggage space through 60:40 split-folding rear seats and a luggage board which can be placed either on upper or lower position.
Ease of driving and comfort
  • - Optimal driving position can be set with the steering wheel with 40mm tilt-adjust and 36mm telescopic-adjust, and a seat lifter with adjust range of 60mm.
  • - Realises minimum turning radius of 4.9mm despite its long wheelbase.
  • - Driver’s seat comes with a seat heater as standard for both seatback and seat cushion.
    *Seat heater is also standard for front passenger’s seat of XT with optional package.

3. High driving performance and excellent fuel efficiency thanks to the newly-developed engine and platform

  • - Installed on the high-rigidity and lightweight new-generation platform are two types of powertrains: newly-developed 1.0 BOOSTERJET engine matched with 6AT; and 1.2 DUALJET engine matched with CVT with auxiliary transmission. Plus, high driving performance and comfortable ride are realised with suspensions developed in the pursuit of agility and stability.
  • - Achieved fuel efficiency of 20.0km/L* for the 1.0 BOOSTERJET variant and 24.6km/L* for the 1.2 DUALJET variant thanks to the high-efficiency powertrain and excellent aerodynamics.
    *Measured in JC08 test cycle and verified by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.
New 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine
  • - 1.0L direct-injection turbo engine that combines fuel efficiency and power is newly developed. With the direct injection and turbo charger, it realises high output and torque comparable to 1.6L naturally-aspirated engine even with its small displacement of just 1.0L. It boasts excellent performance that’s easy to drive in wide variety of scenes from city ride to highway.
  • - 6AT is adopted which features direct shift response feel, and comes with six-speed paddle shift.
1.2 DUALJET engine
  • - Naturally-aspirated engine with dual injection system that combines excellent fuel efficiency and powerful driving in high dimension.
  • - Adopted CVT with auxiliary transmission that combines acceleration performance in the low speed range and enhanced fuel efficiency in the high speed range.
High-rigidity and lightweight new-generation B-segment platform
  • - New-generation platform designed for B-segment compact passenger car, which combines high-rigidity and lightweight, is adopted for the first time from the BALENO. Use of this platform will be expanded on B-segment models in Japan and overseas.
  • - In addition to enhanced fuel efficiency thanks to its lightweight and balance of comfort and loading performance, the platform largely contributes to enhanced driving performance.
  • - Achieved vehicle weight of 910kg (XG) by thorough weight reduction in body, engine, and even suspensions.
  • - Pursued great responsiveness and stability as well as comfortable ride in long drives through intensive driving tests in Europe.
  • - Combined rigidity and lightweight by optimising the suspension frame structure.
  • - Adopted stabilizer in front and rear suspensions.
Aerodynamics and silence
  • - Pursued aerodynamics which contributes to fuel efficiency while focusing on design. Excellent NVH performance is realised by taking effective noise and vibration reduction measures based on the high-rigidity body.

4. Advanced safety technologies and function that supports long cruising

  • - Comes with a millimetre-wave radar type collision-mitigating system called the Radar Brake Support (RBS) as standard. The following functions of the RBS enhance the BALENO’s safety performance:
    1. Alerts the driver with a warning when there is possibility of a collision.
    2. Alerts the driver by applying an automatic light brake.
    3. Supports the driver’s braking by increasing braking force.
    4. Automatically applies the brake.
  • - Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system comes as standard which measures the distance to the vehicle in front and automatically accelerates or decelerates to maintain a pre-set following distance (can be set from approximately 40km/h to 100km/h).
  • - Total Effective Control Technology (TECT), a body that efficiently absorbs and disperses collision impact, is adopted.
    The new-generation platform contributes to further impact absorption performance.
  • - Equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP(R)) that suppresses slips and side slides.
    *ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.
  • - Equipped with Hill Hold Control that prevents the vehicle from rolling backward on slopes.