Global News

25 December 2015

Notice Regarding Amendment of Domestic Production Forecast Between January and March 2016

Suzuki Motor Corporation will reduce domestic production output between January and March 2016 as per indicated below, due to ongoing sales decrease of mini vehicles and motorcycles. There will be no change in the number of production workforce in relation to this output reduction.

Forecasts for Consolidated Operating Results of FY 2015 (1 April 2015 –31 March 2016) remain unchanged, due to strong sales of automobiles in India and Europe.

Domestic production volume

  Output reduction between January 2016 - March 2016 Full-year forecast (Previous Forecast)
Mini vehicles 30,000 units 560,000 units (590,000 units)
(excluding ATVs)
10,000 units 115,000 units (125,000 units)

Note: Figures for Sub-compact and standard-sized vehicles, export automobiles and OEM supply vehicles remain unchanged.

Domestic Mini vehicle sales

  Full-year forecast (Previous Forecast)
Mini vehicles 540,000 units (570,000 units)