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25 December 2015

Suzuki Discloses the “Suzuki Environmental & Social Report 2015”

Suzuki Motor Corporation has disclosed the “Suzuki Environmental & Social Report 2015", which details the Company’s contributions and efforts on environment and society, on the Global Suzuki website as per below URL.

Overview of the “Suzuki Environmental & Social Report 2015”

  • - Suzuki’s efforts on environmental and social contribution activities, as well as efforts by Japanese domestic distributors and overseas Group companies are introduced.
  • - FY2014 results of the “Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015”, which was established as Suzuki’s efforts on environmental conservation are provided.
  • - Suzuki’s greenhouse gas emission amount (SCOPE 1, 2, and 3) throughout the whole value chain, such as purchase of parts and raw materials, and use and disposal of customers’ products for FY2014 are provided with an expanded range of calculation.
  • - CO2 emission amount, total waste discharge amount, landfill amount, and water usage amount of main overseas plants for FY2014 are provided.

<About the “Special Article” pages>

Article 1: Eco-friendly minivehicles

Introduces how minivehicles contribute to global environmental conservation throughout its lifecycle. It also introduces Suzuki’s efforts on how the Company has nurtured and developed in global market through promoting motorization in countries such as India and Pakistan with cars based on Suzuki minivehicles.

Article 2: New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100

Introduces the New Mid-Term Management Plan SUZUKI NEXT 100, a five-year plan from 2015, in which the Company prepares for the 100th anniversary of foundation in 2020, by putting efforts into strengthening of management base in order to continuously grow for the next 100 years.