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7 December 2015

Suzuki Alto, Alto Turbo RS, and Alto Lapin Minicars Win
the 2015-2016 Car of the Year Japan Small Mobility Award

AltoAlto Turbo RSAlto Lapin

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Alto*, Alto Turbo RS*, and Alto Lapin* minicars have won the 2015-2016 Car of the Year Japan Small Mobility Award, promoted by the Car of the Year Japan Executive Committee.

*Alto, Alto Turbo RS, and Alto Lapin are sold only in Japan.

The Small Mobility Award is a category award which was set up in 2013 for minicars. This is the second time Suzuki has won the award from the Car of the Year Japan, after winning in 2013 for Spacia and Spacia Custom minicars.

Upon winning the award, the all-new Alto series was highly valued with comments from the Executive Committee saying, “The Alto series was valued as a model which has pursued attraction that should be held in a minicar, with outstanding fundamental performances. It adopts many technologies which are worth paying attention including the newly developed platform, lightweight body, and smooth two-pedal AMT. It has once again widely appealed the merits of minicars which are used as daily commuters.”

The all-new Alto series is highly favored by customers with the accumulated sales volume of approximately 102,000 units. The Alto is the most sold Suzuki model with the accumulated domestic sales volume from the original Alto in 1979 (including Alto Lapin) of approximately 5.58 million units in Japan.

Overview of the 2015-2016 Car of the Year Japan

All passenger vehicles with an expected annual sales volume of over 500 units, announced or launched in Japan between 1 October, 2014 and 31 October, 2015 are eligible as candidates for the Car of the Year Japan. From the candidates, three awards of the Car of the Year Award Japan, Import Car of the Year Award, and category awards (Innovation Award, Emotional Award, and Small Mobility Award) are decided.