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17 November 2015

Suzuki Unveils New Overseas Motorcycle Models at the Milan Show

Suzuki has unveiled new overseas model SV650 at the EICMA 2015 (Milan Show) which is being held in Milan, Italy from 17 to 22 November, 2015*. Plus, Concept Model GSX-R1000 has been exhibited.

*Press day: 17 to 18 November. Public days: 19 to 22 November.

New Model

Road sport bike with 650cc V-twin engine – the all-new SV650

Based on the current 645cm3 V-twin engine, the all-new road sport bike SV650 meets the new exhaust gas restriction of Euro4 (for European spec) while enhancing output and fuel efficiency. By reviewing the body in detail, it has realized weight reduction of 8kg compared to the Gladius (ABS spec), which is installed with the current engine. Lightweight and slim body enhances the strength of V-twin engine while contributing to high maneuverability. Each piston skirt is tinned and resin coated, resulting in reduction of mechanical loss and greater combustion efficiency.
Also, Low RPM Assist is adopted to help rider for smoother launching operation in low rpm range. By slightly raising engine rpm, it makes it easy to ride at low speed in stop and go traffic. Moreover, Suzuki Easy Start System, which enables the rider to just one-push the starter instead of press-holding it to start the engine, is adopted, enhancing user-friendliness in daily usage.
Suzuki plans to produce SV650 from January 2016 at the Toyokawa Plant in Japan, and start its sales in markets such as Europe and North America.

Concept Model (Reference Exhibit)

Concept Model GSX-R1000

Concept Model GSX-R1000 is a concept model which has further evolved the GSX-R1000 by adopting technologies derived from MotoGP. The feature of the GSX-R series is the fundamental design consisting of running, cornering, and stopping, which has harmonized the body and the engine. It is currently being developed with aim to thoroughly review the design and balance running, cornering, and stopping in high dimension.
To realize increase of power in high rpm range without detracting power in the low-to-mid speed range, the newly developed 1000cc inline-four engine adopts the new Broad Power System, which takes in technologies developed in MotoGP racing such as intake VVT and Suzuki’s first electronic throttle for motorcycles. Weight reduction and optimal rigidity of the chassis is attempted through newly developed frame and swingarm. To largely reduce air resistance, cowling is also renewed.
Traction control with selectable modes depending on riding condition is installed, along with quick shift system and launch control which are efficient electronics on racetracks.