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3 March 2015

Suzuki makes world premiere of concept models
iK-2 and iM-4 at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show

Suzuki Motor Corporation has made world premiere of two concept models, the iK-2 compact hatchback and the iM-4 mini 4x4 at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, which is being held from 3 March, 2015*. New environmental technologies from Suzuki featured in the two models were also introduced, these are a new-generation platform; the BOOSTERJET, a new downsized direct-injection turbo petrol engine; and the SHVS mild hybrid system.

  • *Press days from 3 to 4 March. Public days from 5 to 15 March.
  • *SHVS=Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki

At the press conference held on 3 March, Executive Vice President Toshihiro Suzuki said, “Suzuki is addressing the development of three environmental technologies, a new-generation platform; the BOOSTERJET, a new downsized direct-injection turbo petrol engine; and the SHVS mild hybrid system. And the iK-2 and iM-4 being unveiled today will be the beginning of those. They will deliver entirely new value to customers — value that far exceeds what you would expect in a compact car. That’s the kind of value we believe compact cars of tomorrow must offer.”

Suzuki plans to launch production model based on the iK-2 in Europe early 2016. Work is underway on developing a production model of the iM-4 as well. By launching these models to the market, Suzuki will provide new values to the customers.

iK-2 – Suzuki’s new compact hatchback concept

The iK-2, the smartest compact car developed by pursuit of compact hatchback ideals and built around the theme of “Harmonised Force.” All elements expected in a car of this size — design, utility, comfort, manoeuvrability, driving performance, fuel efficiency are all combined at a high level to raise compact car values to the limit.


  • - The Liquid Flow, suggestive of the dynamism of an energetic movement of liquid with its low, wide silhouette, giving the car a classy, elegant, yet dynamic look.
  • - It delivers a dynamic, efficient driving performance thanks to its new-generation platform and the 1.0L BOOSTERJET engine, a new direct-injection turbo petrol unit.
  • - Overall length 4,023mm x width 1,920mm x height 1,450mm

iM-4 - Suzuki’s new mini 4x4 concept

The iM-4, the iconic mini 4x4 which expands possibilities and enjoyment of a compact car. Following the theme of “Shape the Inspiration”, the iconic mini 4x4 integrates Suzuki’s DNA in the field of developing compact 4x4’s with the latest technology, all in a distinctively designed package, and gives real inspiration to drivers.


  • - This car is designed to be simple yet iconic, pure yet lovable, and innovative yet retro.
  • - Suzuki design essense including blacked-out A- and B-pillars, clamshell bonnet, and front fender garnishes are incorporated throughout the vehicle. The configuration of the area around and behind the C-pillar incorporate slits that pay tribute to historic minicars such as the Fronte Coupé and the first Cervo.
  • - With its 4WD system, high minimum ground clearance, and high hip point, the iM-4 is designed to be your credible partner that is easy to drive while also offering performance that lets you confidently drive in snow and on unpaved roads.
  • - Incorporates cutting-edge technology with a new-generation platform and SHVS mild hybrid system, which deliver excellent fuel consumption with low CO2 emissions.
  • - Overall length 3,693mm x width 1,709mm x height 1,566mm

New environmental technologies

To ensure all our new models offer the best fuel economy, Suzuki is addressing the development of three environmental technologies, a new-generation platform; the BOOSTERJET, a new downsized direct-injection turbo petrol engine; and the SHVS mild hybrid system. These technologies will not only enhance fuel efficiency but also raise vehicle performance.

1. A new-generation and lightweight platform that improves basic vehicle performance (used for iK-2 and iM-4)

  • - Suzuki’s new-generation platform is designed to efficiently increase rigidity while reducing weight via a fundamental redesign of the underbody’s structure and also optimising overall vehicle design, including parts mounted on the underbody. This improves fuel efficiency, safety, handling, stability, and NVH performance across the board.
  • - By modularizing functional components, it will enable bringing out new cars in a more efficient way that can be tailored to fast-changing market demand.

2. The new BOOSTERJET, a downsized 1.0L direct-injection turbo engine that saves fuel while also delivering driving pleasure (installed in iK-2)

  • - Fuel efficiency has been improved by reducing engine displacement, and output and torque are boosted with a turbocharger.
  • - The layout has been optimised and various technologies used to reduce weight in order to meet the rigorous size and weight requirements specific to compact cars.

3. Innovative SHVS mild hybrid system incorporating an ISG (used for iM-4)

  • - The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), Suzuki’s new mild hybrid system incorporating an ISG (integrated starter generator), provides engine power assistance using the motor and achieves efficient power regeneration.
  • - The SHVS system used for the iM-4 also features lithium-ion batteries. Coupled with a newly-developed high-efficiency ISG, this regenerative braking system is the perfect hybrid system for a compact car. As well as improving fuel efficiency, it also keeps down the size, weight, and cost.

A special website is available on https://www.globalsuzuki.com/geneva2015/