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6 October 2014

Suzuki consolidates the motorcycle business in the Hamamatsu Plant

Suzuki Motor Corporation has decided to relocate the motorcycle assembly of the Toyokawa Plant (Aichi prefecture) to the Miyakoda district located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. The relocation comes as a part of the consolidation of the motorcycle business, which is currently dispersed, in the same district due to the countermeasure to the earthquake and the tsunami, and the decrease in the domestic motorcycle production volume.

Currently, Suzuki’s motorcycle business is dispersed in three different locations: the motorcycle technical center (located in the Ryuyo district in Iwata, Shizuoka) for the engineering and the development; the Takatsuka Plant (located in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu) for the production of the engines; and the Toyokawa Plant (located in Toyokawa) for the assembly of the motorcycles.
In the midst of the decrease in the domestic motorcycle production volume due to the increase in local production in the overseas for local consumption, as well as for the countermeasure to the earthquake and the tsunami, Suzuki will consolidate the motorcycle assembly of the Toyokawa Plant into the Hamamatsu Plant, located in the Miyakoda district, to consistently operate from engineering, development, and testing, to production of the engines and the powertrain, and the assembly.
By doing so, Suzuki will put efforts into the efficiency of product development and production of the ever-diversifying motorcycles.

As for the employees of the Toyokawa Plant (approximately 470 persons), their employment is ensured by relocating them to the nearby plants and offices. Also, regarding the outboard motors that are produced at the Toyokawa Plant, they will be relocated to the Kosai Plant. The whole consolidation will be conducted eventually over the period of five years, with the end of the production at the Toyokawa Plant scheduled in July 2018. The Toyokawa Plant started its production as a motorcycle plant in October 1971. Suzuki’s domestic motorcycle production volume marked its highest in FY1981 with approximately 1.6 million units, and the Toyokawa Plant was taking a part of that role. However, the production volume of the last fiscal year was 180,000 units.

Overview of the Hamamatsu Plant

  Motorcycle technical center and motorcycle plant
Integrated plant of the motorcycle engines and the assembly
Engineering, development, and testing facilities of the motorcycles and the next-generation eco-friendly vehicles
Location 8686 Miyakoda-cho, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu
Site area 176,824m2
Building area Approximately 64,500m2