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3 October 2014

Suzuki unveils VITARA at the 2014 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile

Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled the all-new SUV VITARA at the Paris Motor Show, which is being held from 2 October, 2014*.

*Press days: 2 to 3, October. Public days: 4 to 19, October.

The all-new SUV VITARA is a whole new compact SUV, which has evolved in every aspect such as driving, safety, and environmental performances, and design, while inheriting qualification as genuine four-wheel-drive vehicle and SUV derived from JIMNY, VITARA, and GRAND VITARA. It has not only pursued excellent driving performance, but has been developed as a car that can reflect the user’s lifestyle.

At the press conference held on 2 October, Executive Vice President Toshihiro Suzuki said, “Suzuki had introduced VITARA and GRAND VITARA as the pioneer of the compact SUV. We believe that the new VITARA will fascinate not only the VITARA series fans, but also all customers interested in SUV, as a new generation SUV.” The all-new SUV VITARA will be produced at Magyar Suzuki Corporation, Suzuki’s Hungarian subsidiary, from early 2015, and will be supplied throughout Europe.

Main specification of the VITARA

Overall length: 4,175mm Overall width: 1,755mm Overall height: 1,610mm
Wheelbase: 2,500mm
Engine: M16A (1.6L petrol) and D16AA (1.6L diesel)

About Suzuki’s compact SUV VITARA

VITARA, which was launched in Europe in 1988, has earned acclaim as the pioneer of the urban compact SUV for its sophisticated design, genuine four-wheel-drive performance, and user-friendliness, and pioneered a new market.
Subsequently, the GRAND VITARA, which was launched in 1998, has been favored by many users worldwide, regardless of gender, as a SUV which has enhanced its on-road performance.
The GRAND VITARA launched in 2005, has been earning acclaim worldwide for balancing high off-road driving performance and smooth, comfortable on-road driving performance by adopting full-time 4WD system and four-wheel independent suspension.