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1 April 2013

Suzuki achieves accumulated worldwide automobile sales of 50 million units

Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved accumulated worldwide automobile sales of 50 million units in March 2013. The breakdown of the sales units are 21.95 million units in Japan (20.28 million mini vehicles, 1.66 million standard- and small-sized vehicles) and 28.05 million units in overseas. The breakdown of the areas are: Japan 44%, India 23%, Europe 11%, Asia 8%, China 6%, North America 3%, Central/South America 2%, and Others (such as Oceania, Mid-East, and Africa) 3%.

Japanese Domestic Sales

Ever since the launch of the Suzulight mini vehicle in October 1955, Suzuki has been delivering creative products of superior value to the customers such as the Jimny in 1970, the Alto in 1979, the WagonR in 1993, and the Spacia in March 2013, and has been innovating and developing in line with the mini vehicles. In September 2012, Suzuki has achieved accumulated Japanese domestic mini vehicle sales of 20 million units.
As for the standard- and small-sized vehicles, ever since the launch of the Fronte 800 in 1965, Suzuki has been consistently launching the Jimy 1000, Cultus, Escudo, WagonR+, Swift, and Solio, which have been earning high appraisal for their creativity.

Overseas Sales

As for the overseas sales, Suzuki has started exporting the Suzulight in 1959, and has sold 28.05 million accumulated units of automobiles by March 2013. Suzuki has also actively expanded the overseas production bases, and up to this date, Suzuki has 12 automobile production bases in 11 countries including India, Hungary, and Indonesia. Suzuki automobiles are favored in 179 countries and regions worldwide.
In the overseas market, models such as the Swift, Splash,Alto/Celerio, SX4, Jimny, Kizashi, Grand Vitara, and Carry are sold to meet the needs of each market.

Suzuki will not only further improve the various vehicle performances, but will also continuously provide products of superior value by focusing on the customers worldwide.

Trends of accumulated worldwide sales of 50 million units
(*Accumulation of vehicles with Suzuki badges. Excludes OEM vehicles.)

10 million units: June 1989
20 million units: June 1998
30 million units: October 2004
40 million units: June 2009
50 million units: March 2013