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29 March 2013

Institution of the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015 and the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline
- Introduction of the environmental brand, the SUZUKI GREEN -

In order to pass on to the next generation a clean environment and bountiful society, Suzuki Motor Corporation has instituted the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015, an effort for environmental preservation from FY2012 to FY2015, and the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline, a guideline of effort for protection and sustainable utilization of “biodiversity” under Suzuki’s business activities, both of which are based on the Suzuki Global Environment Charter.

1. Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015

Taking seriously the environmental influence that occurs in connection with our business activities, Suzuki conducts product development that pays attention to the environment, and regards promoting business activities to reduce the environmental influence as the top-priority issue. Along with the related companies, the Suzuki Group as a whole is committed to work on the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015.

Control of Global Warming

To reduce CO2 emissions, which is regarded as the main cause of the global warming, Suzuki will promote to develop vehicles with lowest fuel consumption in its class, as well as next-generation vehicles. Suzuki will also promote for efficient business activities by intensively reducing the use of energy for production and logistics.

Promotion for Environmental Preservation

As for the gas emissions and the environmental load substances, Suzuki will not only meet the law regulations and voluntary regulations set by the industry, but promote to reduce environmental load by voluntarily setting goals higher than the regulations.

Promotion of the Three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

From the lean development and production stages to the efficient recycling of the used stages, Suzuki will contribute to realize a sustainable recycle-based society by consistently using resources with care.

Cooperation with the Society

As a part of the society, Suzuki will strive for the development of a society that coordinates together with the natural environment by working to promote environmental communication with various stakeholders.

2. Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline

As a manufacturer of transportation machinery, Suzuki is working on preserving the global environment. Moreover, ever since the birth of human beings, biodiversity has been providing a huge amount of natural blessings to our lives, and Suzuki recognizes that biodiversity protection is also a significant environmental issue, which our business activities are making an inevitable influence. For this reason, as a guideline to work on protection and sustainable use of biodiversity, Suzuki has instituted the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline.

Basic Concept of the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline

To reduce the influence on biodiversity and to contribute to the sustainable use of biodiversity throughout the future, the Suzuki Group will promote to make small cars with pursuit on environmental technology by intensively working on lean and efficient business activities under the slogan “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater”. Through this activity policy, the Suzuki Group as a part of the society, will work on cooperating with the stakeholders and aim for a society that coordinates with the beautiful natural environment.

Emphasized Effort on Biodiversity Protection

Reduction of Environmental Load from the Business Activities and the Products
  1. In each stage of the business from product development to recycling, Suzuki will promote 3R and reduction of energy and resources.
  2. Suzuki will promote further fuel efficiency as well as research and development of next-generation vehicles for the reduction of greenhouse gas.
  3. Suzuki will work on reducing the use of substances of concern through the supply chain.
Promotion of Environmental Communication
  1. Suzuki will promote activities of environmental cleanup and preservation by cooperating with the local society.
  2. Suzuki will work on spreading the understanding and action of biodiversity protection throughout the employees.
  3. Suzuki will work on widely announcing environmental information and voluntary preservation action to the society.

- About the environmental brand, the SUZUKI GREEN -

Suzuki Motor Corporation has instituted the Suzuki Global Environment Charter in 2002 (revised in 2006), which establishes Suzuki’s environmental philosophy and basic policy, and has been working on various environmental activities under these philosophy and policy. Aimed to realize this Suzuki Global Environment Charter by clarifying the environmental policy and next-generation eco-friendly technologies and environmental activities, Suzuki has introduced the environmental brand that widely appeals internally and externally, the SUZUKI GREEN.

The SUZUKI GREEN has three categories that represent the environmental policy, next-generation eco-friendly technologies, and environmental activities, and they are stated as per below.

Suzuki’s Environmental Policy: SUZUKI GREEN Policy

The SUZUKI GREEN Policy represents Suzuki’s environmental doctrine and policy, which includes environmental plan and guidelines. Suzuki has instituted the Suzuki Environmental Plan 2015 as an effort on mid- to long-term environmental preservation, and the Suzuki Biodiversity Protection Guideline as a guideline of effort on biodiversity protection.

Suzuki’s Next-Generation Eco-Friendly Technology: SUZUKI GREEN Technology

The SUZUKI GREEN Technology represents next-generation eco-friendly technologies developed and utilized by Suzuki, which includes new technologies such as low fuel consumption and weight reduction technologies. The new WagonR*, Alto Eco*, and Spacia*, are equipped with low fuel consumption technologies such as the Engine Auto Stop Start System and the ECO-COOL, as well as weight reduction technology TECT.

*These are models distributed in the Japanese domestic market only.

Suzuki’s Environmental Activity: SUZUKI GREEN Activity

The SUZUKI GREEN Activity represents Suzuki’s effort and activity on realizing the environmental policy, which includes various activities worked by each department such as development, production, and logistics for the control of global warming and promotion of environmental preservation.

Suzuki has established a logo for each category, and will work on global environmental preservation by having consciousness in all global Suzuki Group employees.