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19 July 2012

Mob Violence at the Manesar Plant of the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., India

In the morning of 18 July, 2012 India time, an Indian supervisor of the Manesar Plant (located in the state of Haryana) of the Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., a manufacturing and marketing subsidiary of the Suzuki Motor Corporation, made a job-related warning to an Indian worker during rest break. Then, the worker used force on the supervisor.

The supervisor reported to the human resources department about the matter, and the department made a decision to place the worker on suspension. Afterwards, the worker required remedy to the workers' union, and the union demanded the company for the reinstatement of the worker who was suspended.

At around 3:00 pm on the same day, the day-shift Indian workers started to gather in the premises. Meanwhile, the Gurgaon labor officer, the workers’ union and the human resources department of the Maruti Suzuki were negotiating in the plant office. Then, at around 7:30 pm, a mob of approximately 100 Indian workers broke in the office and beat up the staff in the office. Consequently, one person died, 41 people were hospitalized, and 46 people were treated in the hospital. The buildings of the plant office and the security office were damaged from the arson. There is no heavy damage to the plant facilities, but are under inspection.

The mob was composed of approximately 100 people, and approximately 40 police officers came at first. After the cease of the mob violence, a few hundred police officers came to the premises to arrest the mob, and began inspection.
We will inspect whether the mob violence was planned or was by an accident.
We take such actions as violence to the nation as well as to the corporation, and will approach in a strict stance.

The deceased Indian officer was a general manager of the human resources department at the Manesar Plant, and was a gentle person. Due to the inspection of the incident, the Manesar Plant will be closed on 20 July, 2012 as well.