Global News

4 January 2012

Suzuki acquires site for constructing new plant in Indonesia

PT. SUZUKI INDOMOBIL MOTOR (SIM), subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in Indonesia, has acquired site for constructing new plant in Indonesia, a growing market of automobiles and motorcycles. The site acquired by SIM is in the industrial zone located east of Jakarta with an area of approximately 1.3 million m2, and the investment for this acquisition is approximately 10 billion yen.

The acquisition is aimed to increase the local content rate by bringing forward the internal production. It is scheduled to construct the engine manufacturing plant which includes manufacturing of parts by forging, casting, and aluminum die-cast.

Suzuki currently has two plants in Indonesia with production capability of 1 million motorcycles and 80,000 automobiles per year. With this acquisition of the site, Suzuki will be capable of consolidating the plants and enhancing the production capability in the future.

SIM is planning to produce and sell three-row, seven-seater passenger car in the spring of 2012, and is also considering producing eco-friendly cars that meet the Indonesian Low Cost Green Car Program.


Location of headquarters: Jakarta
Representative: Akira Utsumi
Capital: 45 million US dollars (Suzuki share 90%)
Number of employees: Approx. 4,200
Producing models: Motorcycles Satria, Smash Titan, Shogun AXELO, SKYDRIVE, Hayate, nex, etc.
Automobiles Carry 1.5, APV, SX4, etc.
Production results: Motorcycles 560,000 units (FY2010)
Automobiles 75,000 units (FY2010)