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15 July 2011

Suzuki achieves two million total accumulated automobile production volume in Magyar Suzuki in Hungary

Suzuki’s automobile production and sales subsidiary in Hungary, Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. (Headquarter located in Esztergom, President: Mr. Hisashi Takeuchi) has achieved the accumulating total of two million in its automobile production volume on 14 July 2011. The two millionth car of production was “New Swift”.

Since Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. started producing 1.0L and 1.3L “Swift” in October 1992, they have produced “Wagon R+”, “Ignis”, first world strategic model “Swift”, “SX4”, “Splash”, and “New Swift” for the European market as well as the Hungarian domestic market and achieved two million in 19 years.

The summary of Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd.

April 1991: Foundation of corporation
October 1992: Start of production and sales of Swift
July 1996: Achieving total production of 100 thousand
February 1998: Achieving total production of 200 thousand
January 2000: Start of production of WagonR+
March 2002: Achieving total production of 500 thousand
April 2003: Start of production of Ignis
February 2005: Start of production of world strategic model Swift
February 2006: Start of production of SX4
October 2006: Achieving total production of 1 million
December 2007: Start of production of Splash
September 2008: Achieving total production of 1.5 million
June 2010: Start of production of New Swift
July 2011: Achieving total production of 2 million

Suzuki had started negotiating before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and jointly founded Magyar Suzuki Corporation Ltd. in 1991. Suzuki was among the first Japanese automobile manufacturers back then to create a foothold of production in East Europe, and had started production and sales of automobiles in 1992. Although they were supplied mainly in Hungarian domestic market at the time of their first production, due to the expansion of models and production capacity, currently it is Suzuki’s production hub in Europe, supplying to more than 45 countries in Europe and beyond.