Global News

31 March 2011

Suzuki plants operations (Report #7)

Suzuki Motor Corporation has been suspended operations at most of the automobile assembly plants. As for the operations on 1 and 2 April, we will temporarily operate at all plants (day-shift only) except for the Sagara Plant (Passenger car assembling) and Toyokawa Plant (Outboard motor assembling) while we use available parts.

As we still have difficulty in procuring necessary parts, operations after 4 April will be decided on 1 April after we assess the situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Suzuki customers.

  1 April 2 April
Kosai Plant Passenger car assembling Operate Operate
Iwata Plant Multi-purpose vehicle and commercial vehicle assembling Operate Operate
Sagara Plant Passenger car assembling Suspend Suspend
Automobile engines assembling Operate Operate
Toyokawa Plant Motorcycles assembling Operate Operate
Outboard motor assembling Suspend Suspend
Takatsuka Plant Motorcycle engines assembling and machining Operate Operate
Osuka Plant Foundry Operate Operate