Global News

20 July 2010

Suzuki to reorganize Thai motorcycle operations

Suzuki Motor Corporation is to consolidate its motorcycle production and sales in Thailand that represents an important, growing market within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Suzuki motorcycles are currently produced by Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
(a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation) and sold by a dealer network through two Thai-owned distributors. As part of the reorganization, the Thai-owned distributor S.P. Suzuki Public Co., Ltd. responsible for the 62 of Thailand’s 76 provinces has agreed to sell all the shares of Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (42.38%) to Suzuki Motor Corporation. Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. will directly market motorcycles through its existing dealers, thereby bringing together its production and marketing operations.

Thai Suzuki overview

Name of company Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
Head office location Thanyaburi
Representative Masanobu Saito, Chairman
Capital: 270.91 million baht (745 million yen)
Equity ratio 94.44% by Suzuki and 5.56% by others
(After Suzuki acquires all the shares owned by S.P. Suzuki Public Co., Ltd.)
Number of employees Approx.1,000