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21 January 2010

Suzuki automobile sales in Japan set to reach 20 million units

Suzuki Motor Corporation is pleased to announce that its cumulative automobile sales in Japan are on track to reach 20 million units*1 by the end of January 2010.

Suzuki began offering automobiles in 1955 with the Suzulight, the forerunner of today’s minivehicles. Subsequent highlights of Suzuki’s history as a manufacturer of minivehicles include the 1961 launch of the Suzulight Carry, which evolved into today’s Suzuki Carry mini truck; the 1970 launch of the Jimny, which had full-fledged four-wheel-drive capability; the 1979 launch of the Alto, with which Suzuki laid the foundations of Japan’s current market for minivehicles; and the 1993 launch of the Wagon R, which helped expand the market thanks to outstanding user-friendliness.

Suzuki also enjoys success as a manufacturer of compact cars. Its distinctive, appealing compact-car offerings began in 1965 with the Fronte 800, continued with models such as the Cultus*2 and Escudo*3, and moved into a new phase in 2004 with the launch of Suzuki’s first world strategic model, the Swift.

A philosophy of creating customer-focused, value-packed products underpins Suzuki’s ongoing success as an automobile manufacturer. To mark the 20-million-unit domestic sales milestone, Suzuki has designed commemorative versions of five models and will launch them in Japan on 21 January.

  • *1 As shown by data from the Japan Minivehicles Association and the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.
  • *2 Overseas name: Swift or SA310
  • *3 Overseas name: Grand Vitara

Key Suzuki automobiles over the years

1955 Oct Suzulight debuts.
1961 Oct Suzulight Carry debuts.
1965 Aug Fronte 800 debuts.
1967 Apr Fronte debuts.
1968 Mar Carry Van debuts.
1970 Apr Jimny debuts.
1977 Oct Cervo debuts.
1979 May Alto debuts.
1982 Aug Jimny 1000 debuts.
1983 Feb Mighty Boy debuts.
1983 Oct Cultus debuts.
1984 Aug Aggregate sales of Suzuki cars in Japan reach 5 million units.
1984 Nov Jimny 1300 debuts.
1988 May Escudo debuts.
1991 Nov Cappuccino debuts.
1993 Sep Wagon R debuts.
1994 Apr Aggregate sales of Suzuki cars in Japan reach 10 million units.
1995 Jan Cultus Crescent debuts.
1995 Jan Aggregate sales of Suzuki minivehicles in Japan reach 10 million units.
1997 Feb Wagon R Wide debuts.
1998 Jan Jimny Wide debuts.
1998 Oct Kei debuts.
1999 Jun Every+ debuts.
2000 Dec Wagon R Solio debuts.
2000 Dec Grand Escudo debuts.
2001 Jan Aerio debuts.
2001 Dec MR Wagon debuts.
2002 Jan Alto Lapin debuts.
2002 Jul Aggregate sales of Suzuki cars in Japan reach 15 million units.
2003 Jan Twin debuts.
2004 Jan Aggregate sales of Suzuki minivehicles in Japan reach 15 million units.
2004 Nov Swift debuts.
2006 Jul SX4 debuts.
2008 Jan Palette debuts.
2008 Oct Splash debuts.
2009 Oct Kizashi debuts.
2010 Jan Aggregate sales of Suzuki cars in Japan reach 20 million units.
  • *All products introduced are for Japanese domestic market.