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29 September 2008

Suzuki Launches New Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray in Japan

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Suzuki Motor Corporation is pleased to announce the Japanese domestic launch of the new 660cc Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray. Both models are only available in Japan and sales began on 25 September 2008.

The Wagon R is the vehicle with which Suzuki pioneered the miniwagon category. Since its first-generation launch in 1993, it has been popular with wide range of people regardless of age and gender thanks to characterful styling, a roomy cabin, easy driveability, and a design that allows people to step in and out with ease. The Wagon R’s leading position in Japan’s minivehicle market led to cumulative domestic sales of three million units* in June 2008.

The new Wagon R and Wagon R Stingray reflect a “comfortable, stylish Wagon R” development concept. Each embodies further enhancements in economy and user-friendliness (the fundamental attributes demanded of minivehicles), has a more comfortable cabin that allows users to step in and out with even greater ease, and has a stylish design that will appeal to more people.

Suzuki targets combined monthly sales of 18,000 units.

*Based on Suzuki research.