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22 September 2008

Suzuki Sagara Plant achieves 10 million units of automobile engine production

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Sagara Plant achieved 10 million units of accumulated automobile engine production in August 2008.

The Sagara Plant started producing automobile engines for domestic and overseas markets in November 1994. Its accumulated production reached one million units in January 2000 and five million units in October 2004.

Current engine production at the Sagara Plant is an average of 110,000 units per month. It consists of 10 engine types ranging from 660cc engines for minivehicles to V6 engines for sport utility vehicles.

Amid ongoing expansion, the Sagara Plant has also been producing compact cars for overseas markets since July 2008.

Sagara Plant production milestones

November 1994: Start of production
January 2000: One million units
October 2001: Two million units
October 2002: three million units
October 2003: Four million units
October 2004: Five million units
August 2008: 10 million units

Sagara Plant overview

Location: Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan

  Start of production Operations Site area Building area Number of employees
(including short-term workers)
Plant No. 1 November
Assembly of automobile engines; casting and machining of major engine components 1,963,000m2 94,800m2 1,410
Plant No. 2 July
Assembly of complete cars 136,100m2 733
Total     251,200m2
(including other buildings)
(including administrative staff)