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February 25 2008

Suzuki Foundation selects scientific research projects for fiscal-2007 financial assistance

(1) Fiscal-2007 financial assistance for scientific research

On 22 February 2008, the Suzuki Foundation (Chairman: Osamu Suzuki) selected 35 original, advanced scientific research projects to receive fiscal-2007 financial assistance worth a total of ¥42 million. The projects (all under way at universities and other research institutes in Japan) are as follows:

  • 15 projects on measurement-, control-, and analysis-related technologies
  • 10 projects on material-related technologies
  • 4 projects on electronics- and information-related technologies
  • 3 projects on robot-related technologies
  • 2 projects on environmental and energy-saving technologies
  • 1 project on human engineering and medical technologies

Suzuki Motor Corporation established the Suzuki Foundation in March 1980 to mark its 60th anniversary. The latest round of financial assistance for scientific assistance is the 28th to be announced by the foundation.

(2) Other financial assistance and activities

The Suzuki Foundation also funds research projects proposed by applicants in line with themes that the foundation establishes with a view to solving urgent contemporary problems. The Suzuki Foundation funds each selected project for two years and has extended such assistance to five projects in the last four years. In fiscal 2007, the Suzuki Foundation extended assistance worth a total of ¥13.5 million to two engineering research projects aimed at eco-friendly production of automotive products (encompassing production methods; machining methods; material development, enhancement, and evaluation; recycling; and life cycle assessment).

In addition, the Suzuki Foundation conducts a wide range of other activities. Notably, it promotes awareness of research results and further development of research projects by funding symposiums, subsidizing transportation and accommodation for Japanese researchers attending overseas academic meetings, subsidizing programmes in Japan for researchers from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and publishing a foundation newsletter.

Since its foundation, the Suzuki Foundation has supported 951 projects with financial assistance worth a total of nearly ¥1.14 billion

Outline of the Suzuki Foundation

Chairman: Osamu Suzuki (Chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Total assets: ¥4.18 billion (as of end of March 2007)
Goals: The Suzuki Foundation aims to contribute to the development of the Japanese machinery industry and to the national welfare by supporting scientific research related to the production and use of machinery and by disseminating the fruits of such research to the general public.