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February 22 2007

Suzuki Foundation decides the scientific research promotion in 2006 fiscal year


About the research promotion

On February 16, 2007, the Suzuki Foundation (Chairman: Osamu Suzuki) decided to promote 27 cases of scientific technology research, total of 33.7 million yen for the year 2006.

The selected 27 themes are all original and advanced researches as shown below;

  • 7 themes on measurement, control and analysis-related technologies
  • 6 themes on production engineering technologies
  • 5 themes on environment and energy-saving technologies
  • 5 themes on material-related technologies
  • 2 themes on electron, electronics and information-related technologies
  • 1 theme on human engineering and medical treatment-related technology
  • 1 theme on robot engineering technology

Suzuki Motor Corporation established this foundation in March 1980 by entrusting the fund as a commemoration enterprise for the 60th anniversary of its establishment, and it becomes the 27th research promotion.

Outline for Suzuki Foundation

  • Name of foundation: Suzuki Foundation
  • President: Osamu Suzuki (Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Aims: The Suzuki Foundation aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Japanese machine industry and to the heightening of the national welfare, by promoting scientific research related to production, use and consumption of machinery, that contributes to the improvement of convenience in people‚Äôs living, and by diffusing the fruits of such research and training to the general public.
  • Total assets: 3.96 billion yen (as of end of March, 2006)