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january 27 2007

"Padma Bhushan" is bestowed upon Suzuki's chairman, Osamu Suzuki

Osamu Suzuki, Chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation, is announced to be awarded the order of India, "Padma Bhushan" by the Indian government, due to his contribution to the development of Indian economy through its automobile industry. It was announced on the Republic day of India, 26th of January.

Suzuki started its car production in its joint venture company, "Maruti Udyog Limited" in 1982 ahead of other Japanese automobile manufacturers. The production volume in the first year was 20,000 and it has increased to 630,000 in 2006, and Suzuki's market share is 54% in the passenger car market in India. Mr. O. Suzuki's contribution to the development of Indian economy as a pioneer through the automobile industry has led to this order.

Padma Bhushan

The award was established by President of India on January 2, 1954, to be given to the outstanding activities for India Republic. The former Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshirou Mori, has been awarded from Japan lately.

The comments of the chairman Osamu Suzuki

"It is a great pleasure to receive such an honorable order of India, "Padma Bhushan". Thanks to the good partnership as well as the acceptance of Japanese way of management by the Indian people, Maruti Udyog has been successfully expanding its business since the start of production in 1983. We will continue our best effort to contribute to the development of India through the automobile industry."