Global News

May 31 2006

Maruti created a record of sales in the first year from the launch with SWIFT

Suzuki’s Indian production and distribution subsidiary Maruti Udyog Ltd., has created a record of sales by clocking in over 61,200 units of Swift in the first year from its launch, which is the best sales by any model in its first year in India, surpassing the original sales plan of 50,000 units.

The hugely successful Swift is one of Suzuki’s world strategic models and has been produced in 4 countries, Japan, Hungary, India, and China. It is well accepted in many countries winning various kinds of awards also in India, for its high performing drivability and its comfort which exceeds the level of the same class.

Swift was produced approx. 250,000 units in one year during April 2005 through March 2006 worldwide, and is marketed in 74 countries and regions globally. Suzuki plans to produce 300,000 units in those 4 countries in the next fiscal year, starting from April 2006 to March 2007.