July 11, 2005
Suzuki Started export of New "Grand Vitara"
Grand Vitara

Suzuki Motor Corporation started export of the compact SUV(Sports Utility Vehicle), New "GRAND VITARA".
The New "GRAND VITARA" was developed on the concept of a new SUV which takes over and evolves the originality and real off-road capability of current "GRAND VITARA". This is the third generation of the "VITARA" series and was released on 16th May 2005 in Japan.
For overseas market, in the names of "VITARA", "GRAND VITARA" and "SIDEKICK", it has been distributed to all over the world such as Europe and North America since 1988, and has been accepted as a pioneer of compact SUV among every type of users.
Suzuki integrates the name for overseas market as "GRAND VITARA", which was and will be launched in Central/South America, Oceania, Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle East accordingly. The V6 2.7L version mainly for north America, and the 1.9L diesel and 2.0L petrol engine mainly for Europe will be released from this autumn. The planned export units are expected to be 110,000.
In Costa Rica, on 8th July a press meeting with the presence of north American and Central/South American journalists was held, where the new "GRAND VITARA", the new "SWIFT" and the "APV(manufactured in Indonesian plant)" were launched. The distribution of those models in each Central/South American countries will be started accordingly from July.