June 21, 2005
Suzuki establishes a financing subsidiary in the Netherlands
Suzuki Motor Corporation announced the establishment of a financing subsidiary company in the Netherlands, effective 17th June.
This company is 100% invested by Suzuki Motor Corporation, and will be established with the aim of group finance and fund integration of the European subsidiaries such as Suzuki International Europe GmbH and Magyar Suzuki Corporation, etc.
It will start its operation utilizing the Cash Pooling Service of UFJ Bank and Tokyo-Mitsubishi group as from Oct. 2005.
*Cash Pooling Service: A service which integrates and controls all the diffused funds for effective management.

Outline of New Company
1. Company Name : Suzuki Finance Europe B.V.
2. Address : Officia 1, De Boelelaan 7, 1083 HJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
3. Representative : Board Member(Part-time) Mr. Hirotaka Ono(Board Member of
Suzuki Motor Corporation)
Board Member BTM Trust(Holland)B.V.
4. Capital : Eur. 200,000,000(Eur. 100,000,000 will be invested in June 2005, the rest will be completed by March 2006.)
5. Shareholder : Suzuki Motor Corporation(100%)
6. Purpose of the operation : Group Finance and Fund Integration of the main European Subsidiaries
7. Establishment Date : 24th June, 2005(Plan)
8. Accounting Month : December
9. Operation system : Consignment to BTM Trust (Holland)B.V.