April 12, 2005
Suzuki Iwata Plant Achieved 9 Million Units Automobile Production
Iwata Plant, one of Suzuki main production plants in Japan, achieved total automobile production of nine million units on April 11, 2005.
Iwata Plant was built in August 1967 as a Suzuki automobile production plant, and has been producing a number of hit products since the mini passenger car "Suzuki Fronte LC10" first rolled off the lines. The memorial nine-millionth product was the mini commercial van "Every" (piston displacement: 658cc).
Currently Iwata Plant produces the 4x4s "Jimny" (658cc) and "Jimny Sierra" (1,328cc. "Jimny" for overseas markets), the pioneer models to the small SUV market "Escudo" (1,995cc. "Grand Vitara" for overseas markets) and "Grand Escudo" (2,736cc. "Grand Vitara XL-7" for overseas markets), the mini truck "Carry" (658cc), the "Every", and the passenger vans "Every Wagon" (658cc) and "Every Landy" (1,298cc).
Among the Iwata products, the Carry has been one of the leading models as it has been ranked first* in the Japanese new vehicle registrations since the year 1971 up to 2004.
*Suzuki survey based upon Japan Mini Vehicle Association publication.

Production history of Iwata Plant
1967 August : Start of production
1997 May : 7 million units achieved
2002 February : 8 million units achieved
2005 April : 9 million units achieved

Outline of Iwata Plant
Address : 2500 Iwai, Iwata-city, Shizuoka, JAPAN
Site area : 289,000m2 (Building area: 169,000m2)
Number of employees : Approx. 1,900
Products : Mini vehicles - Carry, Every, Jimny
    Compact vehicles - Jimny Sierra, Escudo, Grand Escudo, Every Landy