March 1, 2005
2. Exterior design
A head-turning fusion of dynamism and stability
Suzukifs exciting new direction in car design is instantly apparent in the exterior styling of the new Swift.
In contrast to the monoform styling adopted for many vehicles in the supermini category, the new Swift has a 1.5-box style that communicates an unmistakable sense of dynamism and substantiality; it consistently earned praise among European motorists who collaborated with the design programme.
A distinctively sporty front face incorporates clear headlamps and a wide airdam that not only suppresses front-end lift but also looks dynamic and stylish. And a stance that conveys a strong sense of stability is created by large-diameter wheels positioned near the extreme corners of the body and by boldly contoured shoulder lines that run from the headlamps to the rear of the body.
A wraparound glasshouse gives the upper half of the new Swiftfs body a bold, sporty look and helps to imbue the cabin with an appearance of solidity. The wraparound glasshouse design is complemented by a black finish on the A- and B-pillars for an even smarter, more integrated look.
At the sides of the new Swift, clearly defined shoulder lines are complemented by boldly flared wheel arches and side sills that further emphasize the carfs strength and stability. The shoulder lines flow toward rear combination lamps that curve forward to meet them above the rear wheels, creating a uniquely solid, sporty, and well-integrated look.
And at the very rear, a substantial-looking, expressively styled tailgate meets a large, wide rear bumper that forms a solid visual base for the lower part of the body. At the top of the tailgate, the rooffs trailing edge is shaped as a spoiler - a design that not only looks sporty and enhances aerodynamic performance but also realizes a valuable 1kg weight saving over a conventional bolt-on plastic spoiler.
The overall effect, which can be further enhanced by optional 15-inch, five-spoke aluminium wheels, is a look of stability and a sense that the new Swift is packed with energy and ready to deliver a dynamic drive.
3. Interior design
A cockpit designed for true driving pleasure
Inside the new Swift, the driver enjoys an environment that reflects a focus on style, sportiness, and driving pleasure.
The wraparound look of the glass surfaces is continued in the cabin design, creating not only a chic look but also a feeling of involvement with the car and confidence in it. Sporty features including a three-spoke steering wheel, a spherical shift knob, and an illuminated ring around the speedometer make driving even more enjoyable.
The top of the instrument panel is positioned optimally low to give the driver a clear view forward. This means the driver enjoys a feeling of openness and finds the new Swift easy to place accurately on the road. The overall result is confident, enjoyable driving with a satisfying feeling of involvement.
Instrumentation that promotes easy, enjoyable driving includes a sporty, easy-to-read triple-gauge instrument cluster in which the tachometer dial, in a reflection of sportbike design, has its e0f mark positioned at six ofclock, where the eye falls naturally. It also includes a centrally located information display that shows the time, fuel consumption, and outside temperature.
The audio and climate-control systems are easy to operate thanks to optimally large, dial-type controls. For added convenience, the audio system can also be operated using optional steering-wheel-mounted controls.
The front seats offer superior support and hold, and each one has a class-leading fore-aft slide range of 240mm. Plus, the driverfs seat has a height adjuster with an up-down range of 30mm. A tilt-adjustable steering column further accommodates for every driver. Even a relatively small person can easily find the optimal seating position for confident driving and easy pedal operation.
And throughout the driverfs area, gaps and height differences between trim pieces are tight and accurate, further contributing to an overall sense of refinement and quality.