September 13, 2004
Suzuki announce to establish the second automobile assembly company in India

Suzuki Motor Corporation announced today that Suzuki will establish the second automobile assembly company in India.

The new company, tentatively called "Suzuki Maruti India Limited," is a joint venture with Suzuki's Indian subsidiary "Maruti Udyog Limited." The company plans to construct a new plant with capacity of 250,000 units, which is scheduled to start operation in the beginning of 2007.

Suzuki, who currently manufactures and markets automobiles on the scale of 500,000 units at Maruti Udyog, has decided to acquire land in Haryana State, Gurgaon, Manesar to establish a new company as the second plant in India, for the purpose of further production expansion in the continuously growing Indian market. Such details as the total of investment will be discussed further from now on.

Regarding this new company and "Suzuki Engineering India Limited" announced today, and "Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (Tentatively named. Previously announced as Integra Overseas Private Limited)", which plans to start producing and marketing motorcycles by the end of 2005, a new project named "Project Team for New Assembly Company in India" will be organized, and personnel changes will be announced on October 1. The Project Team is going to execute comprehensive preparatory work related to the above three new companies.

Personnel Changes for "Project Team for New Assembly Company in India"
Members Personnel Task
Project Leader Tsuneo Kobayashi : Senior Executive Counselor  
Sub-Leader Junzo Sugimori : Councilor Administration
Members Shigeaki Hamada : Councilor Project Leader for Suzuki Engineering India Limited (named tentatively)
  Naoki Aizawa : Director Project Leader for Suzuki Maruti India Limited (named tentatively)
  Katsumi Takata : Councilor Project Leader for Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (named tentatively)
  Sokichi Nakano : Senior Corporate Advisor Concurrent (Senior Corporate Advisor)
  Shinichi Takeuchi : Director Concurrent (Vice Managing Director of Maruti Udyog Limited)