July23, 2004
ISI Starts Production of All Purpose Vehicle, APV
We are pleased to announce that Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) will start to produce its brand-new, all purpose vehicle APV at the Indonesian subsidiary, P.T. Indomobil Suzuki International (ISI) from August 2004, and will launch it in Indonesia from September 2004. The APV has been newly developed as a global strategy model, which will be exported to ASEAN and other countries as well as marketed in Indonesia. SMC schedules to invest 11.5 billion yen to produce 70,000 units per year.

The APV's line-up consists of the passenger van that can accommodate up to 8 persons for family use, commercial van for business use and pick-up truck. Its platform and styling have been newly developed.

By largely refurbishing the existing production lines at ISI and making the parts localization within the ASEAN region around 70%, SMC has succeeded to reduce the production cost of the APV, which has resulted in reasonable price offers.

Major characteristics of APV
1. Maneuverable compact body with spacious cabin for up to 8 passengers
Compact body of 4,155mm overall length and 1,655mm overall width combined with a spacious cabin is easy to maneuver, and still can accommodate up to 8 passengers.
  Passenger van for family use, commercial van and pick-up truck* make up the APV line-up, which succeeds to extensively meet customers' needs.
* Please note that only the pick-up truck will be marketed as "CARRY."

2. Refined styling with dynamism
The front bonnet designed with sure stability, large bumper and projected fenders give a robust look to the compact body.
  The interior styling assumes spaciousness and fine quality.
  The driver's seat arrangement enables passenger-car-like driving, and the four hinged doors on both sides, not sliding doors, are to seek for passenger-car atmosphere.

3. Versatile driving performance that closely meets various demands
The 175mm ground clearance, which is on the high side, and the air intake on a high position prove strong when driving on unpaved or flooded roads. The performance of the air conditioner and heat resistance of the radiator are also enhanced for use in high temperatures. The APV, as Suzuki's global strategy model, has been designed to adapt to various driving situations.

4. Engine, safety and price
1.5L and 1.6L 16 valve, SOHC, inline 4-cylinder engine variants equipped in the APV perform economically and powerfully in rough road conditions, on uphill or with heavy loading.
  "TECT (Total Effective Control Technology)" is adopted.
  The retail price for the main grade of the passenger van type will not exceed 100 million Rupiah in the Indonesian market, which is a competitive price offer.

Outline for ISI
President : Soebronto Laras
Vice President : Keiji Terada
Head Office location : Jakarta
Established in : January 1991
No. of employees : Approx. 3,800
Capital : 45 million US dollars (Suzuki's capital investment ratio: 90.0%)
Sales : 10,036.7 billion Indonesia Rupiah
(Approx. 1.17 billion U.S. dollars) (2003 fiscal year)
Sales volume : Automobiles: 72,000 units (2003 fiscal year)
Motorcycles: 630,000 units (2003 fiscal year)