July 02, 2004
New Incorporation of Suzuki Automobile Schweiz AG
In Switzerland, a new chapter of Suzuki automobile business has begun. Suzuki Motor Corporation and the Emil Frey Group have agreed to establish a new joint venture company for the import and distribution of Suzuki automobiles, spare parts and accessories in the Swiss market.

As from 1st of July 2004, the new company, Suzuki Automobile Schweiz AG started its operation at the location of the Frey Group's logistic center in Safenwil near Zurich. The Emil Frey Group takes the majority stake (65%) in the company, and Suzuki Motor Corporation invests 35%.

Both partners are convinced of the advantages in the long-term partnership; the excellent roots and experience of the Emil Frey Group in the automobile import and sales with a vast dealer network in Switzerland, and the established brand of Suzuki characterized by compact passenger cars and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The new company, Suzuki Automobile Schweiz AG through its dealer network ensures customer-oriented services and intends to serve even more customers in Switzerland.

(Outline of the new joint-venture company)
Company name : Suzuki Automobile Schweiz AG
Address : Industriestrasse, 5745 Safenwil, Switzerland
TEL : +41-62-788-8790
FAX : +41-62-788-8791
Directors : Mr. Walter Frey , Mr. Gerhard Shümann, Mr. Hirotaka Ono

(Outline of the Emil Frey Group)
The Emil Frey Group was founded in 1924 by the mechanic, Emil Frey. The Emil Frey Group comprises of a range of different business activities which, together, cover almost every sector related to the car business (car wholesale, car retail, car finance). In Switzerland the Emil Frey Group is importer and distributor of the several brands. The Organisation runs 27 retail outlets for the imported products as well as for other 11 famous makes. The Emil Frey Group also owns various import companies, numerous retail outlets and finance companies in Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In Switzerland the Emil Frey Group has 2,391 employees. The total number of staff is 5,022.