January 19, 2004
Suzuki Wagon R achieves accumulated total sales of 2 million
We are pleased to announce that the Suzuki mini vehicle, Wagon R had achieved the accumulated sales of two million units in Japan as of December 2003 (surveyed by Suzuki Motor Corporation.) It took the Wagon R ten years and four months since its launch to achieve this record.

The Wagon R was introduced in September 3, 1993 as a revolutionary pioneer in the "mini wagon" segment. Its original styling, spacious cabin, seat arrangement for easy entry, luggage space with convenience and other characteristics has been attracting great popularity, which has made the Wagon R one of the leading mini vehicles in Japan.

The Wagon R achieved 500,000 units in October 1996, in a short period of three years and two months after the launch, and one million in March 1999. In September 2003, we introduced the third-generation Wagon R, which had been developed as a "versatile wagon for various users in various occasions."

History of the Wagon R
September 1993   Introduction of Wagon R in Japan
December 1993   Received the "'93 - '94 RJC New Car of the Year"
October 1996   Achieved accumulated sales of 500,000 units 3 years and 2 months after the introduction
October 1998   First full model change
March 1999   Achieved accumulated sales of 1 million units 5 years and 7 months after the introduction
April 2001   Achieved accumulated sales of 1.5 million units 7 years and 8 months after the introduction
September 2003   Introduction of the third-generation Wagon R
December 2003   Achieved accumulated sales of 2 million units 10 years and 4 months after the introduction