October 29, 2002
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•Two concept cars based on "Twin"
The Suzuki Pu-3 Commuter, "an automobile with a scooter feel" which was exhibited at the 33rd Tokyo Motor Show, is back, with its concept further developed and now renamed "Twin". In this motor show, the displayed versions are both 1-seater commercial vehicles; they are Suzuki’s suggestions for new types of working vehicles which make use of the Twin’s go-anywhere compact size and which are loaded with various work functions inside its minimum-size body.
One of them features the hybrid system for minicars developed with Suzuki’s original technology. The power system achieves a compact design which allows it to be equipped on the small 2,735mm-long, 1,475mm-wide body size. The Twin, designed with emphasis on reduced use of natural resources and reduced energy consumption, is one way we envisioned how automobiles can evolve to be more environment-friendly, to match the demands of future society.

(1) "Twin" Rescue Support Car
* A concept car designed to carry out emergency rescue support and information gathering, in the event of a natural disaster. The power unit is a gasoline-and-electric-motor hybrid system.
* The vehicle equips rescue tools, a floodlight, automatic photography + image-transmission system, satellite phone, and personal computer, all inside the cabin, and on the roof, an electric-light bulletin board which could display various information to aid in traffic control, etc. Utilizing its compact size, the vehicle could move into disaster areas to collect information and transmit information to distant locations, and also could provide emergency rescue support.
* To make use of the electric power generating capability of the hybrid system, the vehicle has two home-use 100-volt power-source socket on the rear to supply electricity to floodlights, etc.
* Body dimensions: overall length x overall width x overall height = 2,735mm x 1,475mm x 1,710mm
* Power unit: hybrid system (660cc gasoline engine + electric motor)
* Seating capacity: 1

(2) "Twin" Mobile Office Car
* This concept car, designed to serve as a means of transportation for businessperson who are always on the go, allows efficient use of time and limited parking space and offers maximum mobility through heavy traffic.
* The luggage room at the rear section can be used as a file rack for carrying documents; the space left of the driver’s seat is fitted with a desk, personal computer and printer. This is a "minimum mobile office" with office equipment efficiently laid-out in its limited available space.
* Body dimensions: overall length x overall width x overall height = 2,735mm x 1,475mm x 1,450mm
* Engine: 660cc gasoline engine
* Seating capacity: 1

•Two concept cars based on Alto Lapin
The minicar Alto Lapin (5-door, 4-seater) which was introduced to the Japanese market in January 2002, featuring a distinctive, rounded-box design inspired from small fashion items and brand-name furniture, has won popularity especially among young women. These two concept cars at this motor show are our suggestions for leisure-use, van and truck versions based on the Alto Lapin -- they bring out fresh new appeal from the Alto Lapin’s relaxing, gentle lines.