March 30, 2002
Suzuki will start "Idling Stop Campaign"
Suzuki Motor Corporation will start "Idling Stop Campaign" in Japan from April 1, 2002, as a part of Suzuki's environmental activities.

Suzuki Motor Corporation have considered the environmental issue as one of the most important problems in corporate management, and have been tackling it positively in each stage of R&D, production, distribution, and recycling. In this Idling Stop Campaign, Suzuki will stick the campaign stickers on our company vehicles so that each employee will make efforts to stop unnecessary idling when using a car on business, and stop too long idling for warming-up, in order to reduce CO2 emissions for the global warming prevention.

Moreover, Suzuki will ask for cooperation to affiliated companies in Japan and employee's families by distributing the stickers and the posters for this campaign. By these efforts, Suzuki expect that 10,000 or more vehicles will stop unnecessary idling and more than 67 tons of CO2 emissions will be cut down per year.