January 30,2002
We are pleased to inform you that our worldwide cumulative automobile sales figure exceeded 30 million by the end of December 2001. Suzuki started its automobile business in 1955 with Suzulight for the Japanese market and in 1961 with Suzulight TL and Suzulight Carry for overseas markets.

The details of 30 million cumulative sales as of the end of December 2001 are:
Japanese domestic sales (retail registration):

mini vehicle 13,848,676

motor vehicle 812,361

Total 14,661,037 units (A)

Overseas export: CBU 4,182,796

CKD 1,342,740

SET 9,840,834

Total 15,366,370 units (B)

(A) + (B) = 30,027,407 units
Japanese Domestic Market
After our first mini vehicle Suzulight was launched in 1955, Fronte was put on sales in 1967, Jimny in 1970, Alto in 1979, Wagon R in 1993, Kei in 1998, and MR Wagon in 2001.
We have maintained the 1st position in the sales of the mini vehicle segment for the last 29 consecutive years in Japanese domestic market, and the cumulative sales for domestic figure reached 13.8 million in 46 years and 2 months. We also have provided motor vehicles from 1965, and the aggregate sales for domestic figure reached 0.8 million.
The total sales for domestic automobile sales reached 14.6 million.
Overseas Markets
Our automobile export started with Suzulight Carry in 1961. After that many models followed, such as LJ in 1970, Swift in 1983, Vitara in 1988, Baleno in 1995, Wagon R+ in 1997, Ignis, Grand Vitara XL-7 in 2000, and Liana in 2001.
Today our overseas production expands at 22 plants in 19 countries including India, Canada and Hungary, and we export our automobiles to over 170 countries. The cumulative export figure reached 15.3 million in 40 years.

Since we started our automobile sales with Suzulight in 1955, we have been continuing to challenge new fields, and developing along with growth of the automobile industry. And we are very proud of this achievement, as it is the true reflection of the tireless sales efforts of Suzuki distributors and dealers worldwide. We will continue to offer unique, original, and attractive automobiles, and with highly motivated all Suzuki family members, we are confident to keep the momentum going for the future success of Suzuki.

Suzuki Automobile History
1955 Mini passenger car 'Suzulight' (2-stroke, 360cc) launched.
1961 Production of mini truck 'Carry' (2-stroke, 36began.0cc)
Export started with 'Carry'.
Subcompact passenger car 'Fronte 800' launched.
Mini passenger car 'Fronte' (2-stroke, 360cc) launched.
Iwata Plant built in Iwata city, Shizuoka, as an automobile plant.
1970 Mini 4x4 vehicle 'LJ10' (2-stroke, 360cc) launched.
Kosai plant built in Kosai city, Shizuoka, as an automobile plant.
1977 Subcompact 4x4 vehicle 'LJ80' launched.1979 Mini vehicle 'Alto' (2-stroke, 550cc) launched.
1982 4WD vehicle 'SJ410' series (4-stroke, 1,000cc) launched.

Production of Suzuki automobiles starts at PAK Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., Pakistan.
No.2 Kosai Plant built; production of subcompact automobiles started.

1.0-litre passenger car 'Swift launched.

Production of Suzuki automobiles started at Maruti Udyog Ltd., India.
1984 Export of 1-litre-class automobiles to General Motors Corporation (U.S.A.) started.
"SJ413" launched.
1985 "Samurai" launched.
1987 Production of 'Swift' started at Fabrica Colombiana de Automotores S.A.

Aggregate automobile exports reached 2 million units.
1988 Subcompact 4WD vehicle 'Vitara' (4-stroke, 1,600cc) launched.
1989 Automobile production started at CAMI Automotive Inc., Canada.

Aggregate automobile production reached 10 million units.
1991 Agreement formally signed for production of automobiles in Hungary.
1993 Opening ceremony for new automobile plant held at Magyar Suzuki Corp. in Esztergom, Hungary.

Mini passenger car 'Wagon R' launched in Japan.
1994 Aggregate domestic automobile sales reached 10 million units.
1995 New passenger car 'Baleno' launched.
1996 Production of automobiles and motorcycles started in Vietnam.
1997 1,000cc wagon 'Wagon R+' launched.

Aggregate automobile sales in overseas markets reached 10 million units.
1998 'Vitara' undergoes a first full model change with a new name 'Grand Vitara' launched.

New compact 4x4 'Jimny' launched.
1999 'Grand Vitara' Canvas Top launched.
Aggregate overseas automobile sales reached 25 million units.
2000 'Wagon R+' first full model change.

The New Multi Compact 'Ignis' launched.

Aggregate automobile production at Kosai Plant reached 10 million units.

'Grand Vitara XL-7' launched.
2001 New passenger car 'Liana' launched.

Aggregate worldwide sales of 'Jimny' series reached 2 million units.
Mini passenger car 'MR Wagon' launched in Japan.