January 11,2002
Suzuki Covie received “Environmental Award of the Concept Car of the Year” by Automotive News
According to Automotive News, a panel of judges was formed to pick the winners, including designers and journalists from Japan, the United States and Europe. The judges chose 17 candidate concept vehicles shown at international motor show in the past 15 months, such as Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Detroit and Tokyo.

Automotive News Website: http://www.autonews.com/

The Suzuki Covie, first exhibited at Tokyo 2001, is a new compact EV (Electric Vehicle) – one of our proposals as a part of our strategy of challenging new activities focused on preserving the global environment. Full of fun ideas and utilities, the “Covie” focuses on the active link with Information Technologies that will be established for household and electric appliances in the future.
  The “Covie” is a short-distance transportation vehicle intended for daily use, targeting global markets. It has been developed with a minimum-sized body that still accommodates two adults comfortably.
The charging system of the “Covie” is the “Home Fuel Cell Generating System” developed by General Motors Corporation. The system generates power by separating hydrogen from natural gas supplied to individual households. Suzuki believes that the combination of EV and this “Home Fuel Cell Generating System” will offer the most efficient solution at present for a compact short-distance transportation vehicle.

Suzuki compact EV unit that occupies compact mechanical space and offers enough cabin space.
Spacious and comfortable cabin space achieved by compact Suzuki EV unit and its mono-form exterior design.
Wide doors that open backwards for easy getting in and out
Large rear combination lamps
A large trunk box or special golf bag attachment to the rear luggage deck
Separately tilting sun roof
"Covie Advanced Navigation System" that serves as the information link between humans, households, electric appliances and automobiles, featuring the latest Information Technologies. The system enables;

>to download the data of destination and schedule from the computer at home and automatically search the best route and inform the driver


>to operate electrical appliances at home while in the Covie

The large 12-inch monitor and center instrumental display
Wrist Mount System, sponsored by Seiko Instruments Inc., that serves as a door-lock releaser, identification of the driver,wireless communication tool via LAN, and hand-free mobile phone
Dimension Overall length
Overall width 1,525mm
Overall height 1,515mm
Wheelbase 2,000mm
Curb weight 750kg
Pwer Unit Suzuki Compact EV Unit
Battery Lithum ion battery
Driven wheel Front
Tire size Front / Rear 165/60R16
Maximum speed 80km/h (Target)
Continuous driving distance per charge Aprx. 100km
Seating 2