September 13,2001
A revolutionary ultra-light sport fusing advanced technology in both motorcycle and automobile fields
An Exciting and Unique Idea
The GSX-R/4 is a proposed concept car that is designed to pursue the “feeling of unification of its driver and the machine in the way no other conventional sport cars have done. It offers nimble and direct drivability utilizing Suzuki’s motorcycle expertise of a high performance small engine, and weight-saving technologies as a specialty manufacture of compact automotive vehicles. At the same time, Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) technologies are applied to enable the drivers to experience the feeling of driver-to-machine unity, in addition to its fundamental function to enhance safety driving, optimizing the driver’s technique. Only Suzuki, with its expertise in both high-performance motorcycles and compact vehicles, can create a fun sport model combining the technologies of both – that is the GSX-R/4.

Application of Motorcycle Technology
Various motorcycle technologies are adopted in every part of the GSX-R/4. Mounted on the rear-mid is 1.3-liter engine of the Hayabusa (GSX1300R) delivering maximum output of 129kW(175ps)/9800rpm and maximum torque of 138Nm/7000rpm. Tuned for an automobile, this world-class engine brings to the road high-rpm performance that could not be achieved by any normal automobile engine.

In addition, the adoption of a lightweight, rigid aluminum space frame developed from motorcycle racing technology and recyclable resin exterior panels provide a breakthrough in weight reduction while offering the additional benefit of environmental friendliness.

Greater Driving Enjoyment
The GSX-R/4 makes the most of Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) technologies to enhance safety for its drivers. Moreover, Suzuki utilizes the ASV technologies to modify engine settings to be matched to the driving characteristics and behavior of each driver, analyzing data compiled from actual driving. Via a large 10.4-inch monitor, drivers can view a preset program describing how to handle race circuit conditions. Also they can review and re-experience each drive on the monitor afterwards. Multi-featured and ASV technologies allow drivers to discover greater joy in driving.

Transmission 6-gear sequential
Chassis Aluminum space frame
Dimensions Overall length (mm) 3,550
Overall width (mm) 1,730
Overall height (mm) 1,010
Wheel base (mm) 2,450
Tread(F/R) 1540/1550
Ground clearance (mm) 100
Weight Curb weight (kg) 640
Chassis Brake (F) Disk
Brake(R) Disk
Front suspension Double wishbone
Rear suspension Double wishbone
Tire size (F) 185/45R20
Tire size (R) 195/45R20
Rim (F) 6.5JJ
Rim (R) 6.5JJ
Engine Piston displacement 1,299 cc
Valve arrangement DOHC-16valve TSCC
Bore x Stroke 81.0 x 63.0
Compression ratio 11.0 : 1
Max.Power 129kW(175ps)/9,800rpm
Max.Torque 138Nm/7,000rpm
Maximum speed (km/h) 220
Capacity Occupant (Person) 2
Fuel tank capacity (lit.) 33

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