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87th Geneva International Motor Show

Swift Overview

Innovative styling

With the Swift already having a more-than-5.3 million-strong following, designers, under the theme of "a bold evolution of the Swift's DNA", effected a transformation aimed at stimulating people's senses, while remaining true to the Swift's character. The result is a new Swift with an overwhelming sense of presence.

Swift Overview

Uplifting driving experience

The new Swift delivers an uplifting driving experience with a body weighing only 840kg*. It offers a steering sensation that brings joy when tackling winding roads, as well as through road-holding straight-line stability and supple riding comfort. Reinvigorated power units ensure both enlivening vehicle performance and excelling fuel economy.

*Body weight varies according to overall vehicle specifications.

Swift Overview

Advanced safety

The new Swift features Suzuki's first adoption of an advanced forward detection system* that combines a monocular camera, for excellent mid-to-long-distance detection of such traffic elements as pedestrians and lane markers, and a laser sensor, for excellent short-distance and nighttime detection.

*Availability depends on vehicle configuration.

Swift Overview

Smarter packaging

The new Swift is 10mm shorter than the current Swift, making it easier to handle, while its wheelbase is 20mm longer, creating more freedom on the inside. Vehicle height is 15mm lower and vehicle width is 40mm wider, accentuating the new Swift's low and wide form.

Swift Overview


Swift Overview

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Swift VR Puzzle Drive

What is Swift VR Puzzle Drive?

Swift VR Puzzle Drive is a virtual reality puzzle game with Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch.
The players can experience the functions of the Swift's new advanced forward detection system in the virtual reality world.
Come and enjoy it at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show!

Swift VR Puzzle Drive

How to play

You have two minutes to sets the sliding track and getall the 5 flags. Think quick and slide blocks to allow your SWIFT to reach flags.

Each flag you caught will let you enjoy moives explaining how work the SWIFT new advanced forward detection system.


New-generation platform 'HEARTECT'

The new Swift rests on a new-generation platform "HEARTECT" that delivers enhanced fundamental vehicle performance due to being light and highly rigid. A comprehensive overhaul of the underbody's structure and component layout resulted in the adoption of a highly rigid frame that enhances collision safety and has a continuous, smooth and curving form that better helps disperse energy. This has led to a reduction in reinforcements, making the body a light 840kg*, and greatly contributing to lower fuel consumption and vast improvements in the fundamental vehicle functions of running, turning and stopping. Also, optimising the underbody together with the components that are attached to it as a unified whole (rather than focusing on partial optimisation of individual components) has reduced noise and vibration and improved comfort. The newly designed light and highly rigid suspension works brilliantly with the chassis to enhance the direct steering response and supple, controllable driving feel for which the Swift is famous.

*Body weight varies according to overall vehicle specifications.


1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine

The 1.0 BOOSTERJET petrol engine delivers both excellent fuel economy and high power. Its small displacement and direct fuel injection system suppress fuel consumption, while a turbocharger creates as much torque from only one litre of displacement as a naturally aspirated 1.7-to-1.8-litre engine. Even though it achieves a high level of power output, it has outstanding NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) performance, due to successful efforts to greatly heighten rigidity throughout and to fully apply countermeasures for the minimisation of noise and vibration associated with a three-cylinder engine. The engine performs superbly across all conditions, from city rides to sporty driving.


DUALJET engine

The new Swift is also available with the 1.2 DUALJET petrol engine, reinvigorated with compact cylinders for a higher compression ratio and equipped with knocking-suppressing EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and dual injection, which combines with other features to achieve an average five-percent improvement in fuel economy, compared to the 1.2 DUALJET used in the current Swift.


Light and compact SHVS mild hybrid system

SHVS is an optimal mild hybrid system for compact cars. It incorporates an ISG (integrated starter generator), which performs as a generator as well as an electric motor, and a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. In situations that require high fuel use, such as when starting from a standstill or accelerating, SHVS helps suppress fuel consumption by providing electric motor assist using electricity generated through regenerative braking. Because the ISG uses a belt drive, rather than a conventional starter motor, to restart the engine after an automatic engine stop, it allows for a quiet and smooth start.

Scene of 87th Geneva International Motor Show


Motor Show Venue : Palexpo

Route Fran├žois-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Suisse

Hall 4 | No 4251