SPECIALThe verdict was predictable when 55 journalists and 213 dealers gathered to test-ride the new SV650 in February and March on some of Europe’s finest roads along the Spanish coast. Riders were impressed by the low-to-mid range torque and power and also commented that “the intake sound is good, the exhaust sound is exciting” and the “V-Twin rumble” is The SV650 quickly won the hearts of both seasoned riders and novices when it swept onto the scene in 1999. Delivering the pure essence of V-Twin fun with powerful torque, agile handling and a unique exhaust note, the SV650 proved itself equally at home and forgiving on urban streets and on the track. Innovations made to the newest version build on its original charm while setting yet higher standards of performance, agility and riding ease. Suzuki SV650Punchy V-Twin Fun and a Style Just for Youjust right. One journalist wrote in MCN that “The reworked SV is a fun bike that will appeal to new riders and give older riders a thrill too.” Riders also found the riding position “natural” and the 8kg reduction in weight for a motorcycle in this class “amazing.” One word seems to have captured the spirit of many of the commenters, the SV650 is really “alive.”The SV650 proves itself on the Costa Brava