Six Interesting Facts About SPECIALIt All Began with a LoomIn 1909, 21-year-old Michio Suzuki was not a wealthy man but he was rich in his ideas. He built a loom for his mother who showed it was 10 times more productive than the loom she had been using. Suzuki Loom Works was under way and Suzuki’s corporate history began in 1920. 909A Strong Wind: A Steady MotorcycleEnshu-region, where Hamamatsu is located, is known for its strong winds. As a result, Shunzo Suzuki, who later became the company’s second president, was finding it difficult to pedal his bicycle. In 1951 he came up with the idea of motorising his transportation in an unconventional way. The next year he launched the Power Free 36cm3 motorcycle. By 1953 he was producing the 60cm3 Diamond Free. Suzuki’s motorcycle was on the road to the future. 1952Doctor First Car ClientAlthough interrupted by World War II, Suzuki started its development of the automobile in 1936. In 1955 Suzuki started sales of Suzulight, the company’s first mass produced automobile. Its first customer was a doctor who wanted to be able to reach patients’ homes in various weather conditions. From the beginning Suzuki has been supplying reliable cars that get you where you need to go when you need to be there.1955When current Chairman Osamu Suzuki became President in 1978, he vowed to gain Suzuki the number one share in various car and bike markets around the world. A latecomer among Japanese motor manufacturers, Suzuki has worked hard and now is the leading motor companies in eleven countries in four continents: Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America. In the South Asian subcontinent alone which is home to about 1.7 billion people, Suzuki is the leader in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Providing ‘value-packed products’ in more than 200 countries and regions, the company continues to make Chairman Suzuki’s dream a reality.1No.Suzuki Strives to Become Number One in Markets Around the World