Japanese Team, HAKUTO, Aims for the MoonHAKUTO, run by ispace technologies, inc. is the sole Japanese privately funded lunar exploration entry and brings together volunteer experts from academia and the private sector. The Japanese team seeks to best 16 international entries in the competition which features a Grand Prize of $20 million. HAKUTO received an interim contest award, the Mobility Milestone Prize, in January 2015. Competitors are supposed to complete their mission by the end of 2017.Suzuki’s Role in the Lunar Exploration RaceSuzuki has expertise in making lightweight vehicles with excellent traction control technology. Keeping weight to a minimum is essential to reduce launch costs, and traction on the slippery lunar dust surface is critical to accomplish the mission. Suzuki’s proven experience and know-how in developing efficient small cars and four-wheel drive vehicles are expected to be a key contribution to the HAKUTO project. Suzuki looks forward to a successful lunar exploration with the rover utilising Suzuki’s technologies!SUZUKI FAMILY September 201602 03Team HAKUTO ©National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Hakuto’s rover Announcement of winning Mobility Milestone Prize ©HAKUTOSend hi-res images and videos3.