50th Anniversary Fishing Festival at Lake HamanakoWhen you’ve been in the outboard motor making business for 50 years what better way to celebrate than a fishing festival in the head office neighbourhood where all that history began. Over 100 participants, fishing from the shore and from boats from 7am until noon competed. The warm and calm weather despite the November date meant that all were winners and able to enjoy a day of fun where Suzuki’s motto Way of Life! came true for all.* Numbers show local participants.Germany(32)Suzuki Marine’s 50th Anniversary Comes to a Big Successful EndBelgium(3)Malta(10)United Kingdom(5)France(26)Sri Lanka(100)Nigeria(70)Clean Up the World CampaignBeautiful beaches, worldwide effort, family funAlmost 1300 Suzuki Family members from 22 countries joined Suzuki Marine’s 4th annual “Clean Up the World” campaign. Coinciding with the celebration of Suzuki Outboard’s 50th Anniversary, the 2015 event attracted more than twice as many participants as in any past year as Suzuki staff, executives, friends and families worked hard to improve beach and marine environments across the world. Finland(10)Italy(26)SPECIAL