SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 20158/9Suzuki Marine Member Joins 2015 Laser Standard Men-World Championship in CanadaSuzuki Marine employee, Yoritomo Ueda, was one of 5 Japanese participants among 158 international contes-tants in the Laser Standard World Championship in Canada this summer. The competition was very tough since this event serves as the qualifiers for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. With the Suzuki brand slogan “The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard” emblazoned on his sail, Ueda turned in a solid performance and we hope he will continue to compete.TOPICSSuzuki marine book commemorates 50 years of outboard historyn 1965 Suzuki introduced its first outboard motor D55, 4.0kW(5.5PS), launching a business that in the following 50 years has grown with an internationally recognized brand and enthusiastic customers around the world. During the last half century Suzuki continued to bring new technological innovations to the market and now is proud of a product line that ranges from 1.8kW(2.5PS) to 220.7kW(300PS). Popular with both commercial and leisure customers, Suzuki has achieved a total production volume that exceeds 300 million units.The commemorative anniversary book, “50 Years of Suzuki Outboard Motors”, traces this history with comments from key Suzuki executives, stories of the introduction of various models, manufac-turing challenges Suzuki has faced and overcome and a chronology of the company and its expansion. There is also a feature where people who had been with Suzuki over the years share recollections. The 50th anniversary books have been distributed to Suzuki outboard motor distributors in Japan and overseas as well as to related public and private organizations and libraries. The publication is also available on Suzuki Marine’s home page.ISuzuki Marine has been going strong for 50 years and to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Suzuki Italia organized a special event with the DF50A running continuously for 50 hours with 5 crews. The non-competitive trial got underway on 28th April at the Italian Naval League facility in Naples, with the DF50A mounted on a 5-metre boat. Crews were journalists, Suzuki staff, or professional users and each two person crew drove for 2 hours or 50 miles. People were following pictures or videos of the event on Facebook and Twitter. Bad weather also increased the challenge but both crews and DF50A responded well. The trusty DF50A easily endured 50 hours of non-stop running for 700 miles. The crews showed their passion for the Suzuki brand logging long hours in the boat. Suzuki outboard ran strong for 50 hours just like Suzuki Marine which has been going strong for 50 years.Suzuki Italy organizes 50 hour Rally Raid to celebrate Suzuki Marine 50th anniversary A Victory for Suzuki Free Diver OkamotoMisuzu Okamoto, Japan’s representative free diver who is sponsored by Suzuki, won the women’s -92m Constant Weight Apnea (CWT) division at the world open tournament in the Bahamas setting an Asian record in the process. The win places her third in the world ranking. In a post-victory interview Okamoto thanked her supporters, her sponsors and her family..©SailingShot Inc., Luka Bartulovic