Suzuki Introduces New Environmental Technologies at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show1Innovative green technologies introducedAchieving the highest level of environmental performance is a key strategy of Suzuki’s product development. The centrepiece of this initiative is Suzuki Green Technology, a portfolio of next-generation fuel saving, weight-reduction, and other eco technologies.Suzuki believes that future compact cars must deliver unprecedented new value that far surpasses their size and customer expectations. New Technologies New-generation platformSuzuki’s new-generation platform is designed to efficiently increase rigidity while reducing weight. It is realised through a fundamental redesign of the underbody’s structure as well as optimisation of overall vehicle design, including parts mounted on the underbody. The result is across-the-board improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, handling, stability, and NVH performance. The new BOOSTERJET 1.0 litre direct-injection turbo engineSuzuki’s newly developed BOOSTERJET 1.0-litre direct-injection turbo engine saves fuel and delivers driving pleasure. Fuel efficiency has been improved by reducing engine displacement, while output and torque are boosted by a turbocharger. In addition to fulfilling fuel efficiency and dynamic performance expectations, the layout has been optimised and various technologies used to reduce weight in order to meet the rigorous size and weight requirements specific to compact cars. Innovative SHVS mild hybrid systemSuzuki’s new SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) is a mild hybrid system that incorporates an ISG (integrated starter generator). It provides engine power assistance using the motor and achieves efficient power regeneration. The SHVS system also features lithium-ion batteries. Coupled with a newly developed high-efficiency ISG, this regenerative braking system is the perfect hybrid system for a compact car. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, it also minimises size, weight, and cost.23Suzuki Motor Corporation introduced three innovative new environmental technologies at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, including a new-generation platform, BOOSTERJET – a new downsized direct-injection turbo petrol engine, and Suzuki’s SHVS mild hybrid system. These technologies were featured on the iM-4 mini 4x4 and iK-2 compact hatchback concept cars that made their world premiere at the show. The aim of these new technologies and the concept models is to provide customers with value that far exceeds expectations of a compact car.New-generation platform