Thirty years ago the Suzuki GSX-R750 took to the streets and the track and a legend was born. The first GSX-R750 created a new “racer replica” category in the 750cm3 class. Since then thousands of riders in hundreds of cities and towns around the world have fulfilled their dream of riding and owning a motorcycle that delivers race-winning performance. The GSX-R750 was a success on the track from its very beginning, winning both first and second places at LeMans 24 Hours in 1985. With the debut of the GSX-R1100 in 1986 Suzuki became an even more formidable presence on both the race circuit and the street.From the first days when designers met in the cold, early months of 1984 to create a motorcycle that would have appeal in global markets, Suzuki has been guided by “The Top Performance” concept. For three decades Suzuki has held fast to this concept while continuing to upgrade the performance of the GSX-R series. The GSX-R750 of 1985 was a remarkable machine. The current generation still proudly upholds the tradition of offering the ultimate in engine, handling, cornering and performance. Suzuki has been able to do this by continuously upgrading the GSX-R series while remaining faithful to the developers’ original concept.1 9 8 51 9 9 01 9 9 52 0 0 0 1 9 8 8K. Schwantz’s first win at AMA Daytona 200. H. Moineau marks two consecutive victories in FIM World Endurance Championship (WEC) from 1987 on GSX-R750.1 9 8 6All-Japan TT-F1 Champion — #50 Satoshi Tsujimoto1 9 9 3B. Turkington wins AMA Superstock 750 category.1 9 9 9M. Mladin takes AMA series championship on GSX-R750. GSX-R600 ridden by S. Chambon wins FIM Supersport World Championship.2 0 0 1M. Mladin on GSX-R750 marks three consecutive victories in the AMA championship series. Endurance World Cup series and manufacturer championships taken by C. Lavieille/B. Morrison/A. V. D. Bossche on GSX-R750.1 9 8 5GSX-R750 makes its race debut with 1st and 2nd place finishes in the Le Mans 24 Hours.1 9 9 7WEC series championship wins by P. Goddard/D. Polen on GSX-R 750 in the Le Mans and Spa 24 Hours events. Goddard and Polen also win WEC series. The Suzuki GSX-R Series: 30 Years of Track Performance and Street StyleGSX-R 30 YEARS