TEAM SUZUKI: Leadership for a New Century of GrowthOn June 30, 2015 Toshihiro Suzuki assumed the role of President and Chief Operating Officer of Suzuki Motor Corporation. President Suzuki is introducing TEAM SUZUKI to indicate his inclusive approach to leadership.For over two decades now I have been fortunate to work with Suzuki in a number of capacities and in a variety of places. I have spent time helping to deepen our relationships with our partners around the world. In traveling around the globe I have gotten to know our sales and production teams. And I have also been privileged to serve in a number of other management capacities which has given me a deep appreciation of the people who work so proudly for Suzuki. Together these people have created a brand that stands for quality and a corporate culture dedicated to making a positive difference in communities around the world. To be chosen to lead these men and women is an exciting challenge and an awesome responsibility. But with the help and support of so many people I am confident that together we can meet these challenges.In 2020, Suzuki will be celebrating its 100th anniversary of incorporation. For over a century Suzuki has met challenges and emerged stronger, designing and producing new products and moving into new markets. The challenges for our next century of growth will require the development of a management style that releases the creativity of each Suzuki employee. Our strength as a company has always been our people. Rooted in the values of craftsmanship and commitment to excellence that characterizes the people of our hometown in Hamamatsu, Japan we have continued to embrace the skills and values of our people around the world. It is my hope that we can create an environment where the creativity of all our people can be encouraged and their contributions to our collective efforts maximized. I will do my best to walk along beside you as together as TEAM SUZUKI we write a new and wonderful chapter in our company’s proud historySincerely yours,President and COOToshihiro Suzuki