What’s Goin’ On?MARINE PRODUCTS Kuwait Distributor Launches New Suzuki Marine Engine DF200AIn May 2015 Mustafa Karam & Sons Company of Kuwait hosted a large gathering of impor-tant marine business members in Kuwait and representatives of local media at their show-room introducing the new Suzuki outboard motor DF200AP, 147kW(200PS), which is now available in Kuwait. This new offering shows the company’s eagerness to launch the latest technology and developments in Suzuki marine engines to Kuwait. The new Suzuki DF200AP has redefined lightweight outboard performance and fuel economy while adding an exciting level of innovation and technology. Mustafa Karam & Sons Company remarks they are proud to be associated with Suzuki Marine, Japan and are always at the forefront of launching Suzuki brands in Kuwait. The Harbour Festival in Munster, Germany, on 6th and 7th June 2015 provided an excellent opportunity to show the 70,000 attendees just how much fun boating can be. 18 entrant boats in the license-free class of up to 11.0kW (15PS) were available for test rides. Together with dealers, Suzuki Deutschland GmbH presented a wide range of boat types and outboard engines.Approximately 450 sea trials were conducted and more than 700 people had the chance to take the tiller, many for the first time, to experience the fascination of boating on the Dortmund-Ems-Canal. It was particularly gratifying that many young Tai Lung Trading of Taiwan Visits Suzuki PlazaIn June, 15 dealers visited Suzuki Plaza in Hamamatsu including five staff members from Tailung Trading, SMC distributor in Taiwan. The Suzuki affiliates had a wonder-ful time touring Suzuki Plaza and enjoyed other activities strengthening their mutual ties among members of Suzuki Marine, Tailung Trading and their dealers.Harbour Festival at Munster, Germany Attracts New Boating Enthusiastsfamilies took advantage of the test rides since boat ownership has showed a decline in recent years as the average age of boat enthusiasts has increased.