SUZUKI FAMILYSeptember 201512/13 Ricky Carmichael in Japan to Train Suzuki Motocross RidersIn May legendary Suzuki motocross rider Ricky Carmichael was in Japan to hold a clinic for riders participating in the All Japan Motocross Championship. In conjunction with the third round of the Championship MOTORCYCLESWhat’s Goin’ On? Taiwan Journalists Find GSX-S1000 Fit for Their Winding Roads Taiwanese journalists were invited to Hakone in late July where they were able to test ride the GSX-S1000 on the Japanese resorts’ winding, mountainous roads. The GSX-S1000 will soon be introduced in their market. The group enjoyed the maneuverability and found the high performance motorbike to be a good fit for the winding roads of hilly TaiwanTraditionally known as a small scooter market Taiwan is the fourth largest market for Suzuki’s large scooter the AN650 BURGMAN. It is clear that the Taiwanese public is interested in larger and more powerful two wheelers so expectations are high for the GSX-S1000.The journalists, who also enjoyed Hakone’s beautiful scenery, hot springs and delicious Japanese food, represented three web media companies and two magazines. Currently in Taiwan, web-based media have begun to lead traditional print media among two-wheel enthusiasts.GSX-S1000F Test Ride Event at Isle of Manheld in Sera Green Park in Hiroshima, the session enabled Japanese riders to learn from the best.During the training session attended by 15 Suzuki riders Carmichael emphasized the critical importance of repeated practice as well as the best techniques for starts and for leg positioning. While the Japanese riders were learning serious lessons and listened intently, Carmichael’s sense of humor kept the training sessions friendly and light hearted. After enjoying a barbeque lunch, Carmi-chael answered questions from the group. In closing the session Carmichael said, “I would like to thank Suzuki for arranging this oppor-tunity and I look forward to working with you to build an excellent future in motocross together. And let’s have fun!” For 5 days in late June and early July two-wheel journalists from 51 magazines from 10 European countries along with 7 of the United Kingdom’s leading dealers gathered at the Isle of Man TT race course to test the GSX-S1000F. The world-famous 60 kilometre course enabled participants to make exciting test rides on a public road with a variety of conditions including winding, hilly sections and sections where there is no speed limit. Richard “Milky” Quayle, a past winner on the Isle of Man course, provided guidance to participants on how best to handle the course. In their evaluations after enjoying their test riding experiences, the participants were very complimentary of the bike’s aggressive power at high speed and balance between stability and agility. The GSX-S1000F’s comfortable riding position was also highly regarded.